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A Personalized Learning Partner for Charter and Private Schools

As customization and personalization become more mainstream in education, schools are turning to us for our trusted solutions. We are currently vendor partners with charter schools including charter homeschools, traditional charters with independent study programs, and charter hybrids. Our experience in customized school programs and our proven success make us a natural curriculum choice.

Private schools are also choosing Bridgeway to supplement their program with AP and Honors Classes, and Unique Electives.

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We work closely with you to choose the right school programs for your students. Choose one of Bridgeway’s all-inclusive curriculum solutions (such as Customized Packages and Grade Level Kits), or choose individual courses (such as Live Online Classes, Online Self-Paced, and Textbooks) — it’s up to you. We can easily tailor a program that fits your needs and budget.

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