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Home School Programs

A variety of homeschooling curriculum options, online classes and home school programs designed for the independent homeschooler.

Home School Curriculum and Courses for the Independent Homeschooler

home school programs, Independent Study
The Best Homeschool Curriculum

You provide the teaching and support; we provide the home school programs with award-winning curriculum and online classes.

home school programs, Independent Study
Easy-to-Follow Parent Guides

Designed for homeschooling, all courses come with pacing or instructor guides that make it easy to know what to do each day.

home school programs, Independent Study
Everything You Need

Choose Full Year Kits or Individual Courses-all come complete with everything you need.

home school programs, Independent Study
Upgrade Anytime

If you need to add accreditation and support, just give us a call and we will help you get enrolled.

Whether you are seeking an all-inclusive homeschool program or prefer to go it alone, Bridgeway Academy has the textbooks, online classes, parents tools, accreditation and support you need to succeed.

Scroll down for a complete overview of our independent homeschool programs.

Textbook Homeschool Programs and Curriculum

home school programs, Independent Study

Full-Year Curriculum Kits for Grades 1-12

Bridgeway’s full year grade level kits have become a homeschool favorite. Each kit comes complete with everything you need for a full year of instruction, engagement and active learning. Designed to meet the needs of each specific learning style, you can rest assured that your kit will provide learning opportunities that leverage your child’s strengths while also challenging them to connect learning to life.

Your homeschool kit also includes hands-on activities and online connections that take learning further. In addition, the kit includes easy-to-follow consumable learning guides that not only make independent study easy but also serve as a built-in homeschool portfolio.

Elementary Homeschool Programs and Curriculum

home school programs, Independent Study

PreK & Kindergarten Homeschool Programs

The pre-school and kindergarten years shape not only your child’s personality but his or her attitude toward education. At Bridgeway, we do all we can to encourage your child’s natural curiosity and enthusiasm with courses designed for active learning.  

Every PreK & Kindergarten program provides foundational math, reading and sequencing skills while also providing creative ways for children to explore the world around them.

home school programs, Independent Study

Individual Textbook Courses for Grades 1-5

Bridgeway’s individual elementary textbook courses encourage a love for learning. We select from the best of the best to ensure that our youngest learners experience the joy of homeschooling. And every course comes complete with both student and parent guides that provide easy-to-follow instructions and creative ways to make learning come alive. 

Elementary Online Homeschool Programs and Curriculum

The elementary years are time for interaction, exploration and building foundations. Bridgeway’s online elementary school courses are designed with those essentials in mind and include a blend of both online and offline activities. Elementary students can select from two distinct online class formats:

home school programs, Independent Study

Blended Elementary Homeschool Programs

Blended Elementary means just that. A perfect blend of textbook and online, elementary students start each day with fun characters that lead them through learning challenges and help them navigate between both online and textbook activities. Designed to provide flexibility with accountability, these online elementary classes provide a pacing guide to keep students on track, along with a Bridgeway advisor to work closely with students and parents throughout the school year. The Blended Elementary program is only available as a full-year program and requires enrollment in Bridgeway’s Total Care Blended program.

home school programs, Independent Study

Live Online Classes for K-5

If your student loves interaction, fun topics, and the opportunity to jump online, then live online classes are the perfect addition to any homeschool program. These 10-week long classes meet just once per week, providing you with the freedom and flexibility you value along with the interaction and challenge they need. Choose from fun topics designed to spark a love for learning and get ready to watch your child shine! 

Homeschool Programs for Middle School

home school programs, Independent Study

Middle School Textbook Options

Too many middle school students find themselves struggling to master the concepts necessary for success in high school. When the student teacher ratio is one to one, however, developing individual skills is guaranteed. Our textbook homeschool programs prepare your middle school aged student for an easy transition into high school. With carefully selected textbooks and one-to-one instructor guides that make it easy to know what to do each day, both you and your student have what you need for a full year of learning. Step back and watch your student take the driver’s seat with curriculum designed to develop independence and a love for learning.

home school programs, Independent Study

Online Middle School

Bridgeway’s Online Middle School programs mean your students can enjoy the benefits of an expert teacher from the comfort of home. A fantastic option for homeschoolers who need extra help with content or accountability to stay on track. Our online middle school classes come in two formats:

  • Self-paced online classes are pre-recorded, giving students the ability to go at their own pace or go back and review instruction as needed. Built-in practice, review, quizzes and assessment keep things moving while Bridgeway teachers step in to review those projects, assessments and writing assignments that need teacher feedback. 

  • Live online classes are a fantastic option for students seeking more direct instruction. Students meet once per week with their teacher and fellow students from across the country and around the world. Live online classes provide homeschoolers with the opportunity to engage in discussions, to collaborate with others, to present their projects, and to gain valuable instruction and feedback. Weekly activities are designed for independent study and include both textbook and online learning opportunities. Choose from both core classes and electives. Click here to explore live online middle school classes.  

Homeschool Programs for High School

home school programs, Independent Study

Textbook Options for High School

Wow. You made it! With college or career right around the corner, our high school level homeschool textbook courses are designed to be self-teaching. Clear lesson-by-lesson structure leads students through the material at their own pace. Online connections provide students with all sorts of interaction, practice and more in-depth study. Choose core courses or electives from our vocational, academic, college prep or honors tracks and enjoy the ease of curriculum designed for both the homeschool and a wide open future.

Online High School Courses

With Bridgeway Academy, high school students can enjoy Interactive online high school programs that fit their specific needs and vision for the future. Each course comes complete with everything you will need to earn that valuable high school credit. In addition, every course includes the opportunity to learn from subject matter experts all year long.

home school programs, Independent Study

High school students can choose from three different online options:

Self-paced online high school classes mean that students can move as quickly or as slowly as needed to master that content and earn their credits for graduation. Pre-recorded lessons provide flexibility while real teacher feedback means students have extra accountability for those assignments that require more than a computer-graded assessment. Click here to explore self-paced online classes for high school.

Live online high school classes give students the opportunity to develop skills valuable for both college and career success. For instance, interaction, debate, collaboration, and presentation skills are just the tip of the iceberg.  Students will come together each week to challenge one another and learn from teachers experienced in online education. Students learn how to manage their own schedule as they work independently throughout the week to meet deadlines–a valuable skill for both college-bound students and those who plan to enter the workforce. Click here to view the live online class course catalog.  

College Now! Dual Enrollment Classes. Parents save big on college tuition and students have the opportunity to knock out those general education requirements or earn an Associate’s Degree while still in high school. No homeschool program is complete without college-level courses for advanced high school students. Our dual enrollment program gives students a head-start on college while also meeting the requirements for high school graduation. College professors work directly with students to provide feedback and many courses include student to student interaction via online forums. If you have an advanced homeschooler, be sure to check out our dual enrollment online classes. 

Homeschool Programs and Curriculum for All Types of Homeschoolers

Specialized Home School Programs

Christian Home School Programs

For Christian parents whose passion is to instill a strong sense of faith and biblical values, we offer a variety of Biblical world-view curriculum options. Our Christian homeschooling curriculum blends Biblical truths with high-quality core learning in math, language arts, reading, history, and science. In fact, all of our accredited courses are filled with values and character-building principles for quality Homeschool Programs for Christian families.

Student Athletes and Performers

At last: you’ve found a schooling option that allows your child to develop their talents in the arts, sports & beyond! Academic achievement CAN exist alongside the rigorous training future actors, athletes, dancers and more undertake.

Our flexible Homeschool programs for athletes and performers makes school possible when training and performances must take center stage. Plus, our accredited high school diploma allows student-athletes to pursue athletic scholarships at the college or university of their choice.

Tailored Home School Programs for Students with Learning Disabilities

The one-on-one environment of a homeschool learning program is a perfect fit for the one in three American children who struggle with dyslexia, auditory processing disorder and more. As a result of evaluating the top options in the United States, we’ve partnered with Essential Learning Institute to best serve our learning disabled population. Together, we developed an individualized, caring and proven approach to educating students with learning disabilities.

Home School Programs for Military Families

Imagine the benefits of keeping your child in the same school consistently through the elementary, middle and high school years. Bridgeway’s homeschooling programs for military families gives you the flexibility to set school hours and schedules so that when you’re home, your children can focus on you!  You pick the months of the year, days of the week and daily hours your student studies gets tested and performs administrative tasks.

International Homeschool

To get started homeschooling internationally, all it takes is an internet connection. Whether you are located in Canada, living in Dubai, or stationed in Australia, we have the home school program for you. Our International home school programs keep students on track with college and career goals.

Homeschool Programs for Missionary Families

One of the greatest challenges for our missionary families is finding ways to keep their family together while on the field and providing consistency while home on furlough. Bridgeway Academy understands those unique challenges and values our opportunity to serve missionaries from all across the globe during their homeschool adventure. 

A Commitment to Excellence in Home School Programs

Over 30 years, Bridgeway Homeschool Academy has helped more than 50,000 K-12 homeschool families at all levels of academic ability.

If you’re ready to move forward, feel free to contact us at 800-863-1474. We can’t wait to discuss just how we create a school focused on your child’s needs, aptitudes, and interests. Our New to Homeschooling: Step by Step Guide can help you clarify your thoughts and answer your questions.

In short, with our robust homeschooling support, parents do not have to be the experts. We take care of everything!

We customize each curriculum package to your child’s needs based on learning style, personality style, academic level and future goals. Our textbooks come with a 30-day money back guarantee so you can rest assured that we will make it right.

Some of our Academy’s Awards, Certifications, and Accreditations

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