The Best Homeschool Programs and Curriculum

A variety of homeschooling curriculum options and online classes designed for the independent homeschooler.

Bridgeway InfoPack and the Homeschool Hero Guide

Homeschool Programs for the Independent Homeschooler

We offer the best in homeschool programs, curriculum kits, textbooks, and online courses. Whether you are seeking just a few courses or a full year of textbook and online classes, you have come to the right place. Bridgeway has been providing the best in homeschool curriculum and programs for more than 30 years.

Curriculum Kits and Textbooks

Bridgeway offers the top-rated Pre-K – 12 homeschool curriculum choices. Choose from full-year curriculum kits tailored to your child’s learning style and filled with fun extras, or choose individual courses for every subject. We combine the best textbook curriculum with our Bridgeway-authored, exclusive, one-to-one homeschool instructor’s guides to provide the best homeschool programs and experience for everyone. These guides include pacing, suggestions, and other helpful homeschool resources, so you have the support you need.

Online Homeschool Courses

Whether you are seeking online classes that fit your schedule or the opportunity for your student to learn live with an instructor and other classmates, you are in the right place. Our online classes are very popular and offer you many options to mix up your current homeschool program.

To start exploring homeschool courses and programs, choose your grade level below or contact us or give us a call at 1-800-863-1474.


A full year Kindergarten homeschool program designed to establish a strong foundation and make learning fun.


Elementary program options designed with full support and accreditation.

Middle School

Homeschool programs, textbook courses and online classes for the independent middle schooler.

High School

Choose textbook, self-paced online or live online classes with Bridgeway’s homeschool programs for high school.

Our first year with Bridgeway and nothing but good things to report! Excellent support, excellent academic advisor.

Katie O’Grady Parent

“ Excellent program that makes homeschooling easy. Support, recordkeeping, and a wide range of programs/classes that allow flexibility.”

Doc Martin Parent

“ Excellent program that makes homeschooling easy. Support, recordkeeping, and a wide range of programs/classes that allow flexibility.

Rebecca Humpal Parent

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