Homeschool Writing Strategies That Work: Pick Up The Pen, Drop The Struggle

fun_writingWriting is an important part of any homeschool curriculum, and life. But it can be a challenge to get kids excited about writing, find the best writing homeschool curriculum, and encourage writing at every grade level without complaints or struggle.

Whether you are using traditional homeschool curriculum or homeschool online, developing writing skills doesn’t have to be a challenge.

You may even find your students begging to write when you make it fun and speak to their learning style.

The Best FREE Homeschool Writing Resources
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Take our learning style assessment to find out your child’s learning style then use the free resources below to tailor your writing instruction to what works for your child.

Visual Learners
Writing for Visual Learners should be all about the visuals.

Auditory Learners
Auditory Learners need to hear to learn, so make sure they are writing out loud.

Kinesthetic Learners
Hands-on learners need to move to learn so make the writing process as physically active as possible.

  • Flash cards are a great way to encourage pre-writing, and they can be moved and manipulated easily and used while moving!
  • Write short pieces and incorporate them into hands-on, project based learning with these 60 great project ideas. Writing doesn’t have to mean lengthy essays and stories!

High School Writing Curriculum


Bridgeway Writing: For students who need a foundation in writing skills and the writing process.

Switched on Schoolhouse – Great for Visual Learners

Bob Jones University Press Writing: An in depth writing curriculum that will ensure your student is prepared to write at the college level.

Middle School Writing Curriculum


Write Source – In depth, foundational, and fun writing for all grade levels. This course includes vocabulary and writing skills.

Easy Grammar Daily Grams – Make grammar, the foundation of good writing, easy with these daily lessons.

Elementary School Writing Curriculum


Evan-Moor – Encourage creative writing and develop skills with these short, fun writing exercises that guide in story development

Non-fiction writing can be as fun creative writing when you understand the basics!

Zaner-Bloser Handwriting – When handwriting is difficult it impacts a student’s desire to write. Brush up on handwriting with this interactive program.

Looking for interactive writing classes like Creative Writing and Easy Essay Writing?  Engagement, collaboration, and creativity all meet in our live online Learning Lab courses. Registration is now open!

Want to learn more about how to unlock your child’s full potential? Take our Learning Style Assessment to discover the unique way your child learns.

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