Singing in public could give a lot of teenagers – homeschooling or not – a sudden panic attack.

Try singing in public on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Or singing in front of a packed house at the Kennedy Center.

Rebecca and Raquel Sorto-Robles, twin sisters and Bridgeway Academy homeschool students, have done all that and more. Homeschooling allows them the time and opportunity to perform at some legendary venues in front of some very important people.

“We’ve had the opportunity to sing at George Washington University’s Lisner Auditorium, the Kennedy Center, the Strathmore, and on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial,” the enthusiastic 16-year-old Rebecca reveals.

“We have been with Washington Performing Arts for three years now,” equally effervescent Raquel says, referring to the elite-level vocal training they are receiving as members of the prestigious choir.

“I think the best experience I’ll never forget is when we performed at the Shiloh Baptist Church in D.C. for the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial service,” Raquel remembers. “His sister was there, members of the King family were present and gave beautiful speeches commemorating him.”
Homeschooling, Student Showcase: Singing the Praises of Homeschooling
The twin sisters, who are seniors and will graduate in Spring 2017, sing first alto parts in both youth and adult choirs. Such participation may not have been possible without the flexible accredited homeschooling programs available through Bridgeway Academy.

Accredited Homeschooling Makes a Difference

“School is extremely important, and we both know that,” says Rebecca, who plans to pursue her passion in the arts by studying either Interior Design or Architecture. Her top college choices are Virginia Tech and Andrews University.

Receiving an accredited homeschool education that is accepted by colleges and universities throughout the world was a critical consideration for the family. They joined the Bridgeway family when the Rebecca ad Raquel were freshmen. That first year, they utilized the Support package for the record-keeping services. By sophomore year, they went all in with Bridgeway’s Total Care all-inclusive package to take advantage of the customized  curriculum selections and additional resources.

“We stayed with Bridgeway because of the teaching,” says Raquel, who is reaching toward her dream of majoring in biomedical engineering at Virginia Tech. “We stayed because we love it; the religion; all the programs we have done. We are accelerated. I was always up for a good challenge. We got to have a great advisor [Holly] who lives close to us, and we actually got to visit her! I tell Miss Holly that whatever the hardest courses are, give them to me.”

Homeschooling Singers and Volunteers

Rebecca and Raquel are redefining the way others view homeschooling. These twins take active leadership roles in Pathfinders, a club in the Seventh-day Adventist Church that is similar to Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. They have been on missions to Central America, and because they are bilingual, served as interpreters between doctors and patients during a recent medical mission in Panama. They are planning another mission for spring break, this time in Costa Rica.

“We love to travel,” Rebecca says. “We’re really spontaneous, and homeschooling gives us that flexibility to go somewhere and do some incredible things, and still be able to catch up on school. I don’t have a problem socializing at all. I am proud to say I am homeschooled, and also to have such a loud mouth to be able to tell people that.”

Don’t let your child’s growth be limited by the ordinary. Don’t keep wondering how your aspiring singer, musician, artist, dancer, actor or athlete can hone their craft and follow their dreams. Learn more about how to join the academically accredited programs that allow Bridgeway families to homeschool with confidence and achieve their dreams!