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STEAM Summer Camp

Ignite the passion for learning with STEAM Summer Camps for students age 9-14.

Enjoy Active Learning This Summer!

Hands-on learning in STEAM subjects: science, technology, engineering, art, and math

2 weeks of independent online learning! No homework or studying involved.

Unleash creativity, help kids stay sharp over the summer and start fall on the right foot

Online STEAM Summer Camp is the perfect combination of education and fun.

STEAM Camp is only $20 per child

A new two-week independent study camp (with online counselors at the ready to encourage innovation and award badges and honors as students progress through their project). The next session starts on July 19th and ends on July 30th. Only $20 per student.

STEAM Learning for all Elementary Students

Enjoy outdoor challenges, experiments, and individual projects designed to encourage innovation and creativity. STEAM Camp is available for students age 9-14. This arrangement helps students learn age-appropriate material with a small group of peers in the same age group. 

STEAM Concepts Inspire Creativity

Tackle fun challenges and enjoy 10 days of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics activities and ideas designed to inspire innovation and creativity. The five STEAM concepts are some of the most useful and important your child will learn. These concepts are real-world relevant, and at STEAM Summer Camp, they’re a lot of fun as well!

Bridgeway is proud to partner with C21 Education’s STEAM programs that make extensive use of recycled materials and use a problem-based learning approach to provide an engaging, and uniquely affordable, and sustainable educational experience for your students, ages 9-14. Digital badges, certificates, and scored challenges reward and recognize student efforts and achievements. Your student will enjoy two full weeks of flexible hands-on activities to explore key concepts in environmental science and sustainable development as well as the elements of art and the principles of design across media.

To register for STEAM Summer camp beginning on July 19th, click below.

Registration for the July 19th Session of STEAM camp is now closed.

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