Homeschooling Your Child

Our team of professional teachers and supervisors will carefully evaluate each student individually and place them in the curriculum that specifically meets their academic needs.  We then monitor each student's progress and provide a support system that is unmatched anywhere!

All enrolled students get personal attention from our team of academic advisors.  All advisors are experienced, qualified professionals whose aim is to make your homeschooling experience successful.

Each has worked with hundreds of students and parents and can offer invaluable assistance to you and your students.

When our advisors notice that a student is struggling in a particular area, they may assign review work or more detailed instruction in that area that will serve as extra reinforcement.

When a parent raises concern about their student's academic performance, our advisors are ready to assist in any way possible.

Our Academic Advisors

  • Evaluate and place your student at a level that best meets his or her academic deficiencies and strengths
  • Maintain an accredited report card and transcript on each student enrolled.  This transcript includes courses which you provide using your own curriculum.
  • Support you by allowing direct telephone contact as your needs and questions arise.
  • Provide extra incentive for your students who look forward to correspondence with their teacher and eagerly look forward to receiving report cards and other graded material.
  • Foster school spirit.  Your students will realize that they belong to a school with real teachers who are interested in their achievements.
  • Handle difficulties with your school district if the need arises.