Kindergarten Homeschool

Engaging the youngest minds with a homeschool program that lays a strong foundation for success.

Bridgeway InfoPack and the Homeschool Hero Guide

Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Kit

Kindergarten Kit

Bridgeway’s kindergarten homeschool curriculum kit is filled with opportunities to get out and explore. With active learning at its core, students become readers and early mathematicians while also digging into science and history. Bridgeway’s Instructor Guides make it easy for parents, too, with detailed instructions and creative ideas that make learning exciting. Feel confident that you have everything you need for the year: curriculum, fun extra activities, and guides to help you teach.

Kindergarten Programs


Everything you need for a great year. Our Discovery Kindergarten kit comes with homeschooling curriculum and instructor guides designed to meet the needs of every learning style.


The Discovery Kindergarten program is a complete hands-on kindergarten program that includes 4 core subjects: Science, Math, Social Studies, and Language Arts. Discover! Kindergarten engages the student through investigation, hands-on learning, activities that integrate the arts, and a focus on literacy. Pacing and Teacher’s Guides are included for each subject.

The program includes: Full Math and Language Arts sets. The Math set includes two colorful student texts and a teacher’s guide complete with lesson plans and a daily schedule. The Phonics and Reading set includes two student workbooks, two teacher’s guides, four brightly illustrated readers, an alphabet floor puzzle, and a wipe-off tablet.

Yes- through our Academy.

Yes, both as a stand alone homeschool product or with the benefits of Total Care through our Academy.

The following items are included along with our Total Care benefits: Teacher Manuals, Coloring Pages, Flash Cards, Song CD, Math workbooks, Critical Thinking Math workbook, Word Building workbooks, Bible Reading workbooks, Animal Science workbooks.

Because of homeschooling, my daughter is now thriving and doing her 3rd theatre program. We love the flexibility of online courses to be able to go anywhere and complete work.

Doc Martin Parent

“ We are in our 7th year with Bridgeway. We have been blessed through the years with the opportunity to experience many different facets of Bridgeway. We love the support and guidance we receive from our Advisor as well as the Bridgeway family. ”

Tammy Underwood Parent

“ My daughter is really enjoying her “HOPE therapy” as she calls it. She is also doing really well with reading, writing, and math. I see her confidence growing in all areas of her school work as well as in other areas of life. She is much more responsive and less oppositional about helping out. She responds better to correction in how to do things and seems to “understand” what is being asked of her. She still becomes side tracked easily and needs to be reminded what she is supposed to be doing. She has also started reading directions in her math workbook and the workbook for her reading program and is beginning to follow them on her own. She takes the initiative to do her work and seems to really own it. I am really encouraged by her positivity and self motivation, something that I have not seen in her for a long time. Thank you so much for being so supportive and hopeful for my daughter! ”

Parent Parent, HOPE Program

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