A Complete Customized Homeschool Package

Make the right curriculum choice from the start with a Customized homeschool kit tailored to your student.
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No Guesswork Needed

Personalization Begins with the Right Curriculum Choices

Remove the guesswork and take advantage of Bridgeway’s proprietary customization process. Every customized homeschool program begins with a full assessment of each child. We look at learning style, personality style, and ideal learning environment, as well as academic strengths and needs.

Then, we go one step farther with a personal interview with the parent or instructor to learn more about parent involvement, scheduling, and special circumstances.

From there, we design a fully-customized curriculum package with one goal in mind: to meet kids where they are and thus provide a road to success.

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Every Customized Curriculum Program Includes:

A Thorough Assessment

Our total assessment tool allows us to get to know how each child learns, his/her primary motivators, and his/her ideal learning environment.

Five Full-Year Homeschool Courses

Each program includes everything you need: all student materials, assessments, activities, and one-to-one instructor guides.

Membership in the Bridgeway Learning Center

Find additional resources and ideas in the members-only Bridgeway Learning Center.

All assessments, curriculum and instructor guides included for $1150/yr

Customized FAQs

The Customized package is a great resource for families who are not looking for accreditation and who want to homeschool on their own. It provides fully-customized curriculum based on each individual’s learning style and academic level.

No, the Customized package is designed for the homeschooler who prefers to homeschool independently or who is a member of a homeschool organization and does not include record-keeping or transcripts. However, this service can be added with the purchase of our Records and Support package!

No, by itself the Customized package is not accredited. However, you can purchase the Records and Support package to complement your Customized purchase and take advantage of accreditation, record-keeping, and year-round support. Not sure if you need accreditation? Visit our page explaining accreditation.

No, the Customized package does not constitute full enrollment. However, if you’d like full enrollment with Bridgeway, take a look at our Total Care packages under “Bridgeway Academy.” Total Care programs are customized just like our Customized package, but includes enrollment, accreditation, and more.

My daughter is really enjoying her “HOPE therapy” as she calls it. I see her confidence growing in all areas of her school work as well as in other areas of life.

Parent Parent, HOPE Program

“ This is our third year with Bridgeway. I love that we have an advisor, that we can do both textbook and online work, and that the lessons are planned out for us. ”

Giovanna Spano Couillard Parent

We are so thankful to be with Bridgeway Academy this year. Both of my boys are dyslexic, and homeschool has allowed them the one-on-one attention that has made all the difference. They are more confident and less stressed!

Sarah Carrington Parent

Bridgeway InfoPack and the Homeschool Hero Guide

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