Learning Style Overview

Understanding Your Child’s Learning Style is the Key to Helping Them Thrive Through Homeschooling

The Learning Style Difference

Your child’s brain is completely unique. So, just how can you tap into their individuality and use it to harness their academic potential? Through their learning style. Knowing your child’s learning style, how their brain learns best, does more than just make homeschooling easier and more successful, it ignites passion, curiosity, and joy in the learning process!

That’s why all of our curriculum and programs are based on your students learning style, because we’ve learned in 30 years of working with homeschooling families that it makes all the difference!

Speak Their Learning Language

There are three main styles of learning, which include visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. When you teach using a child’s primary learning style, you access more of their brain, building short-term memories and skills into long-term memories and habits. And when we can do that, we can free up their energy-hungry brains for more learning!

Find Your Learning Style

Ready to discover how you learn best? Take our Learning Style Assessment today!

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