New to Homeschooling

A Commitment to Continuous Improvement

New to Homeschooling? You’re in the Right Place

If you’re considering homeschooling for the first time, you’re most likely overwhelmed and feeling like the new kid in class. There are so many types of curriculum, homeschool programs, and options to consider. How do you know what is best for your family?

After 30 years of working with families just like yours, we’ve learned a thing or two. We’ve seen families jump right in to home schooling, others that need to dip their toes and research more. At Bridgeway, we believe knowledge is power, and power creates confidence, which is why we want you to do your homework so step into the world of homeschooling with confidence.

How to Get Started in Home Schooling

The most common question we hear is “Where should I start?” If you’re new to homeschooling and want to learn more, here are the steps you should take.

Step 1: Take our Should I Homeschool? Quiz

Step 2: Download our FREE resource 10 Keys to Homeschool Success.

Step 3: Flip through our FREE Homeschool Information Packet to learn about our programs.

Step 4: Contact us at 800-863-1474! We’re here to help you make the best decision for your family.

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