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Learning Style Math Tips

In our free download, Math for Learners, we provide some helpful tips to teach math to each learning style.

Tips for Teaching Your Learner

Mastering Math
Math can be an especially difficult subject to learn—and teach! Kids process this complex information in so many different ways, which means there are several ways in which math can be taught. But unless you’re tailoring your math lessons to your student’s learning style, it might be an uphill battle to learn the concepts. The question is, do you know what type of learner your child is?

How to Teach Math by Learning Type
Once you know what type of learner he or she is—kinesthetic, auditory, or visual—use this free resource to learn some helpful tips and tools for each specific learning type. This valuable information can help you customize math lessons so your student gets the most out of them. Whether your child is an observer, a listener, or a mover, these tips and tools can make math lessons even more effective and lots of fun!

Read more about the learning styles here or by calling 800.863.1474.

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