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Kentucky Homeschool Laws

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KY Homeschooling Laws

Homeschoooling Laws in Kentucky

Knowing the requirements for homeschooling in Kentucky is one key to successful homeschooling. That is why we have provided you with specific information on homeschooling in Kentucky and helpful links to KY’s Department of Education, homeschool requirements, Kentucky homeschool laws, and legal support resources.

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Links for Kentucky Homeschool Laws

We will update our records on a yearly basis, but if any new legislation goes into effect for your state, it should be listed here.

Kentucky Department of Education Site

Kentucky Homeschool Site

Kentucky State Homeschool Law Summary

If you are homeschooling in the state of Kentucky, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Submit a Letter of Intent. The state of Kentucky requires that you submit a letter of intent to homeschool annually within 10 days of commencing your homeschool program. The letter must include the name, ages, and residence of each child in attendance of the homeschool.
  2. Keep Attendance. All Students are to complete 175 instructional days when homeschooling in Kentucky. The minimum school term is 1062 instructional hours.

Homeschool Resources for Kentucky Homeschool Laws

For additional information, including a downloadable PDF with a detailed analysis of your state’s homeschool laws and legal counsel, be sure to become a member of the HSLDA for a yearly fee.

Kentucky HSLDA Reference Site

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