Textbook High School Homeschooling

Give your high schooler the motivation and competitive edge with the accredited, individualized homeschool textbook program.

Great Curriculum Leads to Great Accomplishments

A Perfect Balance of Independence and Support

You’ve worked hard to prepare your child for this point — let us help you take them the rest of the way. Bridgeway’s High School Textbook package includes all your child needs for success as they step into adulthood. Our individualized textbook homeschooling program for high school takes into account what’s worked before and what hasn’t, and includes curriculum based on your child’s goals and learning style. Our four academic tracks ensure we meet your student where they are, while challenging them to reach beyond their expectations.

Join Our Tribe, Find Your Way

When you join Bridgeway High School, you join a community committed to your success. Our one-on-one support ensures your student stays on track with grade reporting, conferences, and transcript services. And our high school students love being part of our community of learners through social media, clubs, honors societies, and service projects.

Have a high achiever? To help your student reach their full potential, Bridgeway offers many high school opportunities for them that prepare them for college. College Prep, Honors, AP, Dual Enrollment — our course options ensure your teen gets the right course at the right level to ensure success.

Total Care Package includes:

  • A Full Year of Tailored Curriculum

    Customized to exactly how your child learns best, and includes easy-to-follow instructor guides.

  • Top-Notch Accreditation

    Recognized around the world, giving you peace of mind and securing your child’s future.

  • Unlimited Support

    Expert homeschool advisors who are with you every step of the way so you can homeschool with confidence.

  • Flexibility

    You won’t find anywhere else.

  • Community Service

    Activities and opportunities that make you feel more connected.

  • Resources

    Designed to help you have a successful year.

Payment Option

Total Care Textbook FAQs

As an all-inclusive program, Total Care includes everything you need for the school year, personalized to your student and customized to meet the needs of your family and schedule.  This means you receive up to seven courses, all instructor guides, full support, accreditation, and membership in the Bridgeway Academy community. 

Because there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all Total Care package, it does take time to get your student’s perfect homeschool package organized and on its way. We ask that you allow up to two weeks to receive your materials or online classes. However, you can speed up that getting started process by responding quickly to your advisor’s requests, taking the assessments as soon as they are available and approving or adjusting curriculum recommendations in a timely fashion.

Your Bridgeway Learning Center portal provides an easy way to upload your student’s tests, projects and writing assignments directly to your online account. In addition, your student can choose to take tests online, allowing you to save on mailing costs and retain all originals for your homeschool portfolio. It also means faster responses from your instructors and advisor. Many families choose to turn in work as they go to ensure that they stay up to date and organized. However, you are required to submit work at a minimum of once per semester. 

No. Bridgeway Academy is a homeschool academy; therefore, you are able to enjoy all of the freedoms of homeschooling coupled with the benefits and support of a private school. This means that although we do work to hold your student accountable, you have the freedom to set your own schedule and your student has the freedom to work at his or her own pace. 

If you receive a course that does not fit, simply contact your advisor within 30 days to request a curriculum change. 

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Our 30-day money-back guarantee is available on Bridgeway tuition fees only. Registration and shipping and handling fees are always non-refundable. Our Live Online Package is a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Please be sure to review the technical requirements.

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