Elementary Online Homeschool Program

Where hands-on experience and online learning collide.

Elementary Textbook and Online Homeschool

A Unique Combination of Textbook and Online Learning

Bridgeway’s Elementary Blended Homeschooling Program combines the best in online learning with the proven benefits of pencil and paper activities to deepen engagement and firm up learning. Our program gives your student the best in online learning platforms, is truly flexible and personalized, and includes the support of a dedicated Academic Advisor with you every step of the way.

The Best of Both Worlds

Bridgeway’s Blended Elementary Homeschooling Program is NOT a fully-online program. Instead, we keep kids active and moving with a combination of online learning, textbook requirements, exciting hands-on activities, experiments, and more!

Bridgeway Blended is Rich, Deep, and Flexible! Here’s Why:

  • Available any time, anywhere

    Your child can learn wherever you go, whenever he or she wants — making your homeschooling truly flexible.

  • Academically rigorous and personalized

    Includes a full learning and personality style assessment to provide insight into your child’s unique needs — because no two children are alike.

  • Works well for every type of student

    including those who are advanced or need other modifications.

  • Both textbook and online components

    and opportunities for engagement in both formats.

  • Engaging and interest-grabbing

    to entice your child to delve deeper.

  • Designed to promote independence

    with easy navigation, voice-over interactives, and more.

Payment Option

Blended Program FAQs

A Blended program is different from a fully online program in that it includes both textbook and online learning resources and lessons.

Your child can learn wherever you go, whenever he or she wants – making your homeschooling truly flexible. 

Yes, your child can work independently; however, there are many opportunities for you to interact with your student, either with learning support or to evaluate the work submitted. A successful learning program does involve discussion and interaction and our Blended program makes that easy for parents with guided lessons and ideas for taking learning off the page. 

Yes, it works well for every type of student.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Our 30-day money-back guarantee is available on Bridgeway tuition fees only. Registration and shipping and handling fees are always non-refundable. Our Live Online Package is a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Please be sure to review the technical requirements.

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