Location: Managua (Nicaragua)

Partnership Established: 2016

Website: www.colegionordico.org

Grades: 1st – 12th Grade


Nordic International School is a private educational institution offering a bilingual education (Spanish and English) from preschool to secondary school. It offers a learning experience that will help solving everyday problems, projects and active learning, which stimulates different forms of intelligence, builds self-esteem and prepares the student for the challenges of modern society.

The Nordic International School takes over from the Swedish School started in 1988. Since 2010 the school began a transformation that allowed students from Nicaragua and any other country to enroll in an educational system that follows the Scandinavian educational values of keeping the focus on creativity, imagination, curiosity and self-esteem while contributing to the development of responsible persons. The school is centered on the educational model of the Nordic countries (specially Sweden), adapted to the requirements of the Ministry of Education of Nicaragua.

Nordic International School decided to partner with an educational institution such as Bridgeway Academy, because they felt their school would benefit from Bridgeway´s experience in education, its variety of courses, the curricula and from the excellent on-line resources Bridgeway is able to provide.  Additionally, the Nordic International School has a large number of international students who will return to their home countries to undergo their university studies. For this reason the alliance established with Bridgeway will guarantee an international certification of the subjects taken by the students.

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