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International Students: Why Study with a U.S.-Based Program

In this free resource, we show you what it looks like to homeschool through a U.S. program and what to look for in a homeschool partner.

Interested in studying with an American homeschool program?

In this day and age, the entire world is literally at your fingertips. Access to different cultures and different countries is just a click away. The same applies to education–specifically homeschooling. The benefits of a U.S.-based homeschool program are plentiful. With English being the most-spoken language in the world, students get to practice and study the language while also learning about American culture. Plus, if your child is planning on attending an American university, having a diploma from a U.S.-based homeschool academy is the perfect head-start.


Why study with a U.S.-based program?

Our free download, International Students: Why Study with a U.S.-based Program?, delves into the many benefits of pursuing an education through an American homeschool academy regardless of where you live. This valuable resource not only discusses what being an international student in an American program is all about, but it also goes into detail about what to look for in a U.S. homeschool academy, how to get started, and why Bridgeway Academy just might be the perfect fit for your family.

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