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Learning Style Resources

Engage The Brain, Engage The Child

Your child’s brain is completely unique. So, just how can you tap into their individuality and use it to harness their academic potential? It’s simpler than you may think. We’ve learned a lot in facilitating homeschooling programs for over 25 years and provide a wealth of homeschool resources to succeed. We’re confident that the best way to teach a child is to use their unique learning style. Take our learning style assessment.

While people can and should learn in multiple ways, each unique brain and personality has a preferred way to learn. It is like any skill or hobby. We may have many of hobbies, but we are often best at the thing that we enjoy most. Teaching your child by using their learning style engages more of their brain and deepens the learning experience.

Speaking your child’s language

Speaking a child’s learning language is the best way to help them process and retain information. This builds short-term memories and skills into long-term memories and habits. And when we can do that, we can free up their energy-hungry brains for more learning.

You have likely noticed that when children are engaged using their primary learning style, they enjoy learning more. Why? Because their brains release the “happy” chemicals needed to create excitement and joy. And when we begin to attach excitement and joy to learning, we develop kids who will become lifelong learners.

Ready to dive in and find your child’s learning style (and a little bit about yourself as well)? Take this learning and personality style assessment. You’ll receive a free report detailing how both you and your child learn best.

Already know what kind of learner you have? Use the learning style resources below to better engage your learner.


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