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Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

"Your program made it so easy to teach kindergarten. And your guides made it fun for Jenna to learn her math and reading. She was motivated to work and even asked for more 'homework' each day. Thank you." Tam

Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Means Bright Beginnings.

Because we know how important curiosity is, we’ve chosen the best kindergarten homeschooling curriculum we can for your inquisitive learners. Your child will get the best foundation for their future academic journey with hands-on experiments, a phonics approach to reading, and plenty of engaging activities to keep them interested.

Most kindergarten programs were developed for use in a traditional school, but you’ll be relieved to know that Bridgeway selects homeschool kindergarten programs developed for use in the home, and we have three engaging kindergarten packages to choose from.

Bridgeway Discover! Kindergarten Kit 

The interactive Discover! Kindergarten program is a complete hands-on kindergarten kit that includes five core subjects: science, math, social studies, phonics, and reading. Discover Kindergarten engages the student through investigation, hands-on learning, activities that integrate the arts, and a focus on literacy. Pacing and teacher’s guides are included for each subject. We do all the work so you can enjoy watching your child learn and explore!

  • This kit includes Math U See, engaging students in new math concepts presented with a fun, hands-on approach. Warm-up and investigation activities will challenge students with online learning and at-home hands-on math experiences. Story reading, art activities, and science connections will further enhance the math concepts being taught. The entire book has been mapped out for a 152-day approach.
  • The Reading and Phonics program included in the kit, Teach Your Children to Read Well, provides 30 lessons engaging students in decoding and reading skills. This program offers ongoing resources, suggested reading books for each lesson, and addendum pages to further the student’s development.
  • The Pearson Interactive Science curriculum is divided into 4 Science areas: science, engineering, and technology, life science, earth science, and physical science, with all topics offering an interactive read-aloud and activity, as well as many additional engaging explorations. The program guide is designed for 90 instructional days.
  • The Literature-based Social Studies program is based upon five units of study or themes: citizenship, geography, community, history and culture. The guide is has been developed as a 90-day program.

Kindergarten Programs with a Biblical Foundation

Kindergarten with ACE and Christi

Kindergarten with ACE and Christi is a Bible-based program built on a complete scope and sequence of concepts and skills needed to prepare a child to be ready to read. This full-year kindergarten program is designed for children ages K-3, K-4, and K-5 and for those who test “NOT ready to read” on the ABCs of A.C.E. Reading Readiness Test.

Sixty PACEs (2,000 pages) filled with Bible and animal pictures, coordination development activities, and full-color picture stories encourage a love for reading. The program is intended to foster quick learning of the phonetic sounds for all letters so that when your child is ready to learn to read, it will be a breeze! They will also learn social skills, the wonders of God’s world, and the reality of God’s love.

The benefits of this kindergarten homeschooling program are immense, Kindergarten with ACE and Christie will

  • Prepare the child for the ABCs with ACE and Christi program (learning-to-read).
  • Enable the child to develop the skills, master the concepts, and achieve the level of physical development necessary for success in reading.
  • Lay a solid foundation on which to build the rest of a child’s education.
  • Permit efficient use of the teacher’s energy in interaction with the child.

Horizons K-Kit

Horizons is a brightly-illustrated, engaging workbook curriculum filled with consumable homeschooling lessons and hands-on activities. Designed with fast-paced lessons, this Christian homeschool curriculum uses a spiral learning method to help your student master concepts through the process of introduction, review, and reinforcement. This learning method allows students to quickly grasp difficult concepts in a colorful, motivating format.

Horizons K-Kit comes with the full math and language arts sets. The math set includes two colorful student texts and a teacher’s guide complete with lesson plans and a daily schedule. The Phonics and Reading set includes four student workbooks, four teacher’s guides, four brightly-illustrated readers, an alphabet floor puzzle, and a wipe-off tablet. This hands-on, colorful curriculum is more appropriate for families that wish to instill independence and a love of integrated content.

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Please call us at 800-863-1474 to discuss which kindergarten homeschool program is best for your child. Whatever you do, know that you aren’t alone. We’ve helped more than 20,000 students at Bridgeway. We can’t wait to add you to our list of happy homeschooling families!

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