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Online Homeschooling

The Perfect Mix of Engagement and Excitement

If you’re researching homeschool options, no doubt you’ve read about online homeschool programs. But ours is one of a kind. With Bridgeway’s online learning options, your student gets more than any other program out there:

  • The advantages of online learning including engaging lessons, immediate feedback, and individual learning paths.
  • A Bridgeway Academic Advisor who walks with you every step of the way
  • One of a kind note-taking guides that allows your student to learn online while using a companion text that keeps them focused and engaged.

Online Learning Has Benefits

Has your child struggled in school? Maybe they just need to work at their own pace. You can do that with online learning. Do you often wonder if your student is getting what their learning? With online classes there’s immediate feedback after each assessment. And, because each of Bridgeway’s online students has a dedicated advisor, your student’s writing assignments will be graded and ready for you to review after 24 hours. So you’ll always know how your child’s doing and can ensure he keeps making progress.

Have a wiggle worm? A student who is simply bored by book learning? Our engaging online classes keeps even the most busy of students fully engaged. And they don’t stare at the computer all day. With our innovative note-taking guides, our online students take breaks, learn how to take notes, and have extra practice with each core subject. And, as a Bridgeway Total Care student, your online student will have the option of taking a few traditional if and when they need a break from online learning. Yes, we’ve thought of everything.

Online Curriculum Like No Other

We’re proud to have partnered with Edgenuity and have had a front row seat to thousands of success stories. And we are constantly improving our online experience so that our students always have access to the best in online learning. Find out more about our Middle School Online Homeschooling and High School Online Homeschooling programs or enroll now!

Ready to Enroll? Go ahead! Or, give our Admissions Representatives a call at 800-863-1474.

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