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6th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

6th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

The 6th grade Homeschool Curriculum from Bridgeway Academy is customized for your child to ensure academic success. Sixth grade courses are designed to challenge homeschooled students to think critically, to apply skills already mastered in more complex problems and ideas, and to go beyond the lesson to dig deeper into topics that interest them. The Bridgeway Sixth Grade Homeschooling Curriculum is presented below based upon subject categories.


English / Language Arts

All 6th grade homeschool students will review sentence and paragraph structure and expand their writing into multiple paragraphs through descriptive, narrative and expository writing. All language arts curriculum options also provide a study of grammar, mechanics, spelling and vocabulary. Your academic advisor will work with you to design a customized sixth grade language arts homeschool program.

Reading and Literature

Sixth grade students will continue to develop and expand their reading skills through the study of literature, with an emphasis on literary elements, higher-level thinking skills and vocabulary enrichment.

World History and Geography

All 6th grade homeschool history courses include a focused study of world history and continent geography. Appealing subjects like The Cradle of Civilization, Greece, Rome, The Middle Ages, South America and Africa are covered, as well as great leaders throughout history.

Sixth grade homeschool students should have prior knowledge of basic social studies skills and the ability to think critically about the world around them. Students should also have a basic familiarity of the states and capitals of the United States and knowledge of basic geographic areas of the world – the seven continents and four oceans. Your academic advisor will work with you to determine the best curriculum choice and approach for your child.

Math Problem Solving

In 6th grade mathematics, students focus on fractions and decimals and begin the transition from concrete arithmetic to more abstract concepts and procedures. Students explore probability and statistics; compound interest; functions and coordinate graphing; integers; exponential expressions; divisibility concepts; prime factorization; ratios and proportions; radius, circumference and pi; complementary and supplementary angles; and pre-algebraic concepts.

In some cases, 6th grade homeschool students will need a review of prior concepts before moving into the 6th grade math courses. Your academic advisor will assist you in determining the best level and approach for your child.


In 6th grade science, students may opt to study earth and space science, which includes the environment, weather and climate, plant and animal systems, anatomy, astronomy and the earth’s action within the universe.

Students may also opt to take a more investigative approach to general science where they will focus on topics such as diversity, classification, energy, living together, characteristics of the environment, food chains and food webs, adaptations for survival, our impact on the environment, biotechnology and telecommunications.


Sixth grade students may opt to take electives through our online learning labs. Visit our Live Online Classes page to learn more about these live, interactive homeschool courses where your child can learn with students from all over the world.

Please call us at 800-863-1474 to discuss which sixth grade homeschool program is best for your child. Whatever you do, know that you aren’t alone. We’ve helped more than 20,000 students at Bridgeway, and we look forward to adding you to our Bridgeway family of homeschooling students! 

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