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Middle School Homeschool Curriculum

".... I'd be lost without you. He is really pumped up about algebra. He learned and understood something today that he couldn't grasp in public school. His face lit up, he's so proud of himself." Karen

Middle School Homeschool Curriculum

A bridge from young to grown.

The middle school years are times to set up your child to reach new heights. And your child deserves the best launching pad possible. As the parent of a middle school student, you know the 6th, 7th and 8th grade years usher in changes that are both dramatic and significant. They also present opportunities for your child’s continued success in homeschooling, relationships and life.

One size fits one.

It is often in middle school that a student’s academic struggle or success becomes clearly evident. That’s why your middle school homeschool curriculum is so important.  Exceptional students can often jump ahead to higher level studies, while others begin to struggle with grade level concepts and skills.

Our Bridgeway Customized and Total Care packages include a full year’s worth of fine-tuned curriculum based on your child’s strengths, needs, and interests. And we have both traditional, online and live course options for your in-betweener.

Bridgeway’s careful diagnostic testing provides us with the tools to determine the best academic level for your child. Whether we work together to move your child ahead in academics, or to provide a review of core concepts, Bridgeway can tailor a program specifically to meet their needs. Will your child be set up for high school? That’s a priority for us and for you, which is why we customize the placement of each student to ensure a smooth transition into high school-level studies that are in line with their plans for the future.

Learn more about our middle school homeschool curriculum by clicking a grade level below.

Sixth Grade | Seventh Grade Eighth Grade

Explore our middle school curriculum options below. And check out our online curriculum for middle school students here. Questions? Call us anytime at 800-863-1474.


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