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Homeschool Activities

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Homeschool Activities Provide Deeper Learning and More Excitement

We’ve been where you are.  And that is why we know that there will be days when you just need a break from the daily academic routine.  We also know that sometimes finding ways to encourage critical thinking, creativity or a different approach can be tough.  And we have experienced those days in homeschooling where either other responsibilities or sickness take over and we just need something that our kids can do independently while we recover.

That is what inspired us to find those fun little extras that you can pull out when you need them and know that they are doing the job for you! And, if you want your student to engage with others and learn more about topics like chemistry, architecture or writing, consider our exciting live, online classes!

Get  inspired and find the break you need in our enrichment products below.  You can visit our Enroll Now page to order.  Because having something at your fingertips makes it just a bit easier when you need it.

Hands-on Science Kit (for ages 5-12)

Sometimes the ability to just explore and enjoy science can make for a fun day of homeschooling.  And our Young Scientist Club hands on science kits are designed to do just that.  They include all the special equipment you need as well as conversational guides that allow kids to move through the experiments independently and learn as they experiment.

Priced from $24.99-$39.99, choose from 12 different science kits and get ready to watch as your child gets excited about science!

Homeschool Enrichment Kits (all ages)

When you open the doors to creativity; when you challenge kids to begin to think critically; and when you give kids the opportunity to do something a bit different, you set the stage for inspired learning!

Our homeschool enrichment kits are designed to do just what they say they will do–enrich your homeschool experience with activities that are outside of the normal academics.  Your kit includes:

  • Art supplies and directed activities,
  • A book to encourage critical thinking ,
  • A hands-on science kit for grades 1-6 filled with activities to get them excited about science

Priced at $49.95, your enrichment kit is fun and affordable!

Discovery! Math Kit (grades K-2)

Discovery! Math Kit is designed to complement all of the various math curricula offered by Bridgeway Academy.  This hands-on math kit is filled with over 300 math manipulatives that help kids understand math more fully.  When we engage all different modes of learning–seeing, touching and hearing, we set the stage for long term memory and better understanding.  That is why the Discovery! Math kit is such a wonderful complement to any homeschool program.

Designed for grades K-1 or 2-3, each engaging kit includes:

  • 42 page activity book with parent instructions
  • Curriculum Publisher Correlation Guide to Horizons, BJU Press, Saxon, and more!
  • Teddy Bear Counters
  • Unifix Cubes
  • Pattern Blocks
  • Place Value Blocks
  • Fraction Circles
  • Clock
  • Colored Counters
  • Geoboard

Purchase the kit and the appropriate workbook (K-1 or 2-3) and you are ready for a school year filled with math activities, extensions, games, and extra practice that make math fun and understandable. $69.99

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