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High School History

Bridgeway’s online high school social studies and history courses are designed to inform and encourage students to analyze what they are learning; to apply the principles and lessons from history through their own lives; and to recognize the similarities between civilizations. Homeschooling high school students is where at-home education really shines.


The curriculum provides historical contexts and/or in-depth studies of specific periods in history, as well as a look at the changing geography of each region and the development of government. Students will also look at major events and key individuals in history and in government, and analyze the impact on society and our developing world. Many courses provide the opportunity for high school students to critically think through the analysis of primary source documents.

The Honors courses allow students to specialize in specific topics and gain a solid grounding in those topics. AP-Prep courses are college-level courses designed to prepare students for the Advanced Placement exam.


World Geography

Can you find Djibouti on a world map? What is the climate like in Afghanistan? What are the primary geographical features of Australia? How have the continents of Europe and Asia changed since the fall of Communism? The answers to these questions and much more can be found in this world geography course. This course provides a current overview of world boundaries, helps students readily visualize other parts of the world with easy-to-read detailed maps, explains how boundaries change as new nations are formed, and gives homeschool students an appreciation for other cultures with in-depth country profiles.

World History

World history from Creation to the present is viewed from a Biblical perspective. The view includes ancient civilizations, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, colonialism, the age of revolution, spiritual awakenings and the missionary outreach.

World History I

In World History I, homeschool students delve into the fascinating topic of world history from Prehistory to the Middle Ages. Rather than focus on dates and facts, this engaging course presents profiles of international historical figures as well as essential places and events that shaped the world. Students connect with lessons in history through critical thinking activities that have them analyzing significant people and events and applying lessons to present day issues and events.

World History II

This second year world history course provides a comprehensive overview of world history, from Renaissance through the 1800s, presents engaging profiles of international historical figures, focuses on essential people, places and events that shaped the world, and includes a concise time line of critical world events. Homeschool students will compare civilizations, research projects on the Internet and complete written analyses of various topics studied.

World History III

World History III provides a comprehensive overview of world history, from 1900 to present civilization; presents engaging profiles of international historical figures; focuses on essential people, places and events that shaped the world; and includes a concise time line of critical world events.

US History

American history examines U.S. history from the Colonial period through recent events; engages homeschool students with captivating profiles of key historical figures; covers the consequences of conflicts from the Civil War and WWII to the Gulf War and beyond; and presents timely material, including the effects of 9/11 on the state of the nation.

American History I & II

This course is a study of United States history from pre-Columbus expeditions through the election of President George W. Bush. This content-based course approaches the study of American history from the 15 major components of culture (families, agriculture, religion, economics, military, discoveries, inventions, etc). The writers include vignettes, biographical sketches and narratives to engage homeschooling high school students. Graphics, illustrations, timelines and maps help homeschool students visualize significant concepts, dates and events. This course has been called “real history” because it ties the 15 major cultural components to real people, places and principles.


Do your homeschool students realize they have a responsibility toward their government? Do they know enough about their government to take part in its processes? This course will help prepare them by providing a study of the historical foundations of our government, the American party system, and international governments.

Students will then move to a study of economics that includes price theory, production, free enterprise, free trade, banking, investments, international trade, stewardship, and government and the economy. Throughout the course, the importance of ideals and values in the marketplace is emphasized.

The Constitution

A detailed study on the origins and foundations of the Constitution; the organization and administration of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government as outlined in the first three Articles of the Constitution; and the meaning and application of the remainder of the Constitution.


This course traces the history of collectivism, starting with the revolt of Satan and the subsequent fall of man. It concludes with a detailed look at the major 20th-century “isms” such as Marxism, Communism, Socialism, etc. The study is designed to give students an awareness of the humanistic aspects of “ism” ideologies from a Biblical point of view.

Anthropology and Sociology

Take your child on a unique journey into the history of mankind from a Biblical perspective. The Bible-based lessons in this course include step-by-step, student-directed studies on the origin and fall of man, the method of sociology, cultural backgrounds in the United States and distant lands, Earth’s development by man, and more.

Advanced U.S. History

This college-level course is designed to prepare students for the Advanced Placement exam. Students will study all aspects of American history, including economics, politics, religious, social, and cultural elements of our nation’s past. This course is designed to engage your student through analysis and evaluation of primary source documents. Students will become proficient in reading, writing about, and analyzing history at the collegiate level (additional fees may apply).

Founding Fathers

The creation of this great nation was an arduous task that rested upon the shoulders of a few brave men. These men, known as the Founding Fathers, are responsible for creating the democratic institutions that govern our nation. But who were they? How and why did they shape our government into this democratic nation? Founding Fathers will take your student back into time, challenging them to analyze these great men and their impact on our country then and today.


Have you ever wondered how the stock market works or how interest rates impact your paycheck? Why do we pay taxes? What is capitalism versus communism? Economics is designed to provide a firm foundation in the basic principles of economics while enabling the students to apply them to the real world and connect how each facet of economics impacts their lives. This course is delivered online and is great for visual and auditory learners.


Many students benefit from living in our nation without truly understanding the basic principles, rights, and ideals that make this nation great. Civics is a course designed to teach high school students the foundations of our nation’s government. This course will cover topics including the foundations of government, the Constitution, Federalism and much more!

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