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High School English

"Joel just finished his last test for high school yesterday and is sooooo happy. Last night, after our family Bible study, it was his turn to pray. Almost his whole prayer was thanking God for Bridgeway, and that I chose you guys for our high school, and that he was able to finish high school early. Thank you again for what a blessing you and Bridgeway have been to our family." Nancy

High School English Curriculum

The primary objective of the high school English curriculum is to develop confidence in speaking, a love for literature, the ability to analyze and evaluate literature through writing, and essential communication skills. Bridgeway is committed to helping homeschoolers develop literary analytical skills and writing excellence through our many English choices.


Each high school course includes a study of four classic novels as well as the focused study of an element of or period of literature. Students must synthesize and analyze literature for literary technique, underlying truths and/or messages, and cultural, emotional and/or spiritual impact.

Grammar in high school is studied both for review and in context of the writing process, and is built upon the solid foundations laid in elementary and middle school. Writing exploration includes a study of various forms of exposition and styles, development of sound six-trait writing, evaluation of sources, research, and creative expression.

Basic English

Basic English is a great course for home school students who need to brush up on basic grammar, mechanics and communication skills in order to prepare for the demands of high school level literature and writing. This course will help students to master the skills necessary to move forward into more in-depth literature studies, and gives their writing a sound foundation. Basic English publishers include Walch Power Basics and Bridgeway English.

English I

Because of the variety of English I courses, your advisor will work with you to determine the best focus for your course. Some students will focus on a review of grammar and mechanics to build a strong foundation for communication; others will focus on the development of writing skills; while others will challenge students to analyze, interpret and appreciate varieties of literature. In each course, writing assignments are a means to apply new skills to assess and demonstrate the understanding of topics studied. We have many outstanding homeschooling curriculum options for English I, including but not limited to AOP, Paradigm, BJU Press and ACE.

English II

English II courses are designed to challenge students to develop strong writing and analysis skills, and to provide a strong foundation for the formal study of American, British and/or World Literature. Students in English II will begin to employ higher level thinking skills while reading and analyzing different literary genres. Whether you need a focus on writing, an in-depth study of literature, or a combination of both, Bridgeway offers the right English II course for you. Your advisor will work with you to select one of our many courses, including Write Source, ACE, Alpha Omega, BJU Press and Paradigm.

English III

In English III, students transition from a balanced study of grammar, writing and literature survey to a focused study of literature. Higher level thinking skills such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation are employed as students read classic literary works. Genre explorations expose students to many different styles of writing and authors. English III courses focus on American Literature as well as literary analysis skills, advanced writing and communication, research papers and philosophy. We have many exciting options for English III!

English IV

The primary focus of each of our English IV courses is British Literature. Each course takes an historical approach to literature, touching on ancient writings, progressing through the Dark Ages, the Medieval Era and into modern times. Students will also learn to recognize literary characteristics such as theme, tone and voice, as well as techniques to enhance interest, including anaphora, refrain and many more components of literature. English IV also continues with writing instruction by challenging students to develop strong expository and creative writing skills and preparing them for the college application essay.

Classical Honors English

Bridgeway’s “Classical Honors English” is a challenging course designed to help prepare students for college-level literature. This high school course exposes students to classic literary works and genres including poetry, prose, novel, novella, essay, and biography. Students learn to identify and analyze literary elements including mood, tone, setting, personification and much more. Students are challenged to evaluate literary techniques through a variety of writing assignments all while reading literature classics by authors such as Poe, Dickens, Shakespeare and Longfellow. This course is built with a classical foundation and will prepare any student for rigorous literary study.

College Composition I

English Composition I Unit 1 is a college course that studies the fundamentals of English composition. The student will learn about commonly misused words, useless words and phrases, overused words and expressions. This unit is one unit in a series of 10 independent study mastery-based units of instruction and includes direct instruction to the student as well as all necessary quizzes and tests

College Composition II

English Composition II is a new addition to ACE college curriculum. It picks up where English Composition I left off, building on the fundamentals of grammar, punctuation, and sentence construction to develop the student’s reading and writing skills.

World Literature

Students in this upper level course read and carefully analyze world literature written in a variety of time periods. The course emphasizes critical analysis of novels, plays, poems, short stories and other forms. It surpasses the expectations of the regular curriculum.  The reading is challenging; the writing is frequent and requires an independent mind.  The focus of this course is the reinforcement and mastery of critical thinking, analytical writing, and close reading skills necessary for complete mastery of Honors-level literature concepts. In addition, students will be reading about how to analyze literature from online sources. Students are responsible to take notes in their notebook and to print out and review all concepts for tests.

AP Literature and Composition

Students in this college-level course read and carefully analyze both English and American literature written in a variety of time periods, from 16th Century through the contemporary period. This curriculum will provide students with the intellectual challenges and workload consistent with a typical sophomore undergraduate English Literature class. The course emphasizes critical analysis of novels, plays, poems, short stories and other forms. It surpasses the expectations of the regular curriculum. The reading is challenging; the writing is frequent and requires an independent mind. The focus of this course is the reinforcement and mastery of critical thinking, analytical writing, and close reading skills necessary for success on the AP Literature and Composition Exam. If high school students work hard, remain focused, determined, and conscientious, they will emerge from this course with a new perspective on literature and fully prepared for college-level writing, reading, and literary analysis (additional fees may apply).

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