First Grade

"I must say that along with you and the others at Bridgeway you guys have really made this experience pleasing and easier for a first time home schooling parent such as myself. I appreciate all that you guys have done and your willingness and promptness in helping me. Bridgeway Academy Rocks!" Theresa

First Grade Homeschool Curriculum

First Grade Homeschool Curriculum packages from Bridgeway Academy are customized for your child to ensure academic success. The focus of first grade is to develop reading and math skills and to introduce homeschooled students to other subjects through interaction. Bridgeway’s First Grade Homeschooling Curriculum is presented below based upon subject categories. ______________________________________

English / Language Arts

First-graders approach reading and writing with comfort and ease as they experiment on their own. Students write their own creative stories, poems, and plays, and participate in parent-directed writing lessons. Although in some cases a separate text is used, the spelling curriculum is integrated with each reading program. Students learn and use correct grammar, vocabulary, phonics and word study skills, plus study skills for spelling and reading.


Beginning readers engage in a phonetically based program that features cartoon characters and includes songs, poems, displays and character-building activities. Students begin reading words within just a few weeks and develop confidence in reading early in the program. At the conclusion of the focused study of phonics, students move into the Reader with Development Skills program, where they begin to encounter more complex consonant blends, digraphs, diphthongs, and basic grammar.

Social Studies

Bridgeway’s social studies curriculum introduces young students to the basic principles of life. Students learn to recognize, and are challenged and motivated, to do what is right. They also learn to be kind, to share and to be obedient to rules and laws. Students also learn about themselves, their families, their country and the world.

Math Problem Solving

Our first-grade mathematics curriculum teaches the basics of mathematics. The goals for our first-graders in mathematics include exploring numbers and operations, classification, time, value and measurements, problem solving and reasoning skills.


Bridgeway’s first grade science program is filled with interactive, hands-on experiences promoting the natural curiosity, interest and discovery found in young learners. Earth Science includes a study of creation (for Bible-based curriculum) and taking care of our world. In physical science, they study light and dark, density, measurement, mixing things, electricity and physics. Life science units focus on living things, including animals and their habitats, plants and plant growth, essentials for life, the body and senses. Health, wellness and the needs of seeds of plants are also within this curriculum.


First grade students may opt to take electives through our online learning labs. Visit the Learning Labs page to learn more about these live, interactive courses where students learn with students from all over the world.

Please call us at 800-863-1474 to discuss which first grade homeschool program is best for your child. Whatever you do, know that you aren’t alone. We’ve helped more than 20,000 students at Bridgeway, and we look forward to adding you to our Bridgeway family of homeschooling students!

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