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Elementary Homeschool Curriculum

"I am just so impressed with everything so far. From the support we've been given to how neatly everything came - and how much! She's already changed her whole demeanor about school and just loves the curriculum we picked for her. I'm loving it." Joe

Elementary Homeschool Curriculum Options

Learning and exploring can be synonyms.

The elementary years are a time when children experience amazing growth in behaviors and learning. It’s a time to find out what your child loves. Use that to engage their bright minds and inspire growth! That’s why Bridgeway’s elementary homeschool curriculum is designed to keep our students challenged and engaged at all times.

Continued exploration, discovery and hands-on activities introduce core academic concepts in listening, speaking, reading, writing, mathematics, social studies and science. Your child’s hands, heart and mind will be busy throughout the school day. And, because we believe each child deserves a program as unique as they are, our curriculum is customized so it fits your child to a T.

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