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Online Homeschool Curriculum

"I must say that you and all of the others at Bridgeway have really made this experience pleasing and so easy for a first time home schooling parent. I appreciate all that you guys have done to help me. Bridgeway Academy Rocks!" Theresa

Online Homeschool Curriculum with
Unlimited Support from Certified Teachers

Online homeschool curriculum. Just what does that mean? Is it a textbook on the screen? Live instruction? Video tutors? Are you locked into a schedule that offers no real flexibility?

With Bridgeway Academy, online homeschool is still homeschool with all of the freedom and flexibility you’ve come to love. And our curriculum offers engaging instruction, animated extras, interactive practice, and much more, complete with the ability to set your own schedule.

“Our entire family loves the freedom of online schooling.” Jane S.

And because Bridgeway Academy offers complete support and help when you need it, our blended learning programs for grades 1-6 as well as our online middle and online high school programs are rapidly becoming a favorite among homeschoolers.

“With Bridgeway’s advisor support, we have the confidence that our kids are staying on track.” Alex R.

Our Online Homeschooling Program at a Glance:

  • Animated, interactive and engaging
  • Certified teachers interact with students
  • Individualized for struggling students
  • **Exclusive Bridgeway Academy study and note-taking guides prepare students for future academics
  • Updated and current
  • Honors and AP courses
  • Options for International Homeschoolers

If you are seeking an online homeschool option that provides more than just reading on a screen, if you value your role as parent and the freedom that homeschooling affords, and if you are seeking a program that means you are not alone, then Bridgeway’s online homeschooling is the right choice.

“My kids and I love the engaging instructors, feedback and interaction of online high school.” Stephanie F.

Our payment plans make online homeschooling a manageable option for families seeking the freedom of homeschooling with the benefit of online instruction and support.

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Click here for online high school

Call 800-863-1474 today to learn more about our exciting online high school program!

Online elementary, middle and high school courses are filled with interactive activities, online instruction, video instructors, exploration, and online homeschool enrichments.  Your tuition covers all instruction, interactive lessons, teacher feedback and assistance, and accredited records and transcripts.

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