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The Best Homeschool Curriculum

"Thanks again for your kindness and for all your help this year! We loved the self-paced work, and the ability to be placed at different levels for different subjects. What a difference!" Candy

The Best Homeschool Curriculum

The best home school curriculum starts with Bridgeway Academy.  Our programs are tailored for the superior homeschool education. Maybe being a teacher was your first choice, maybe it wasn’t. Regardless, you want curriculum options that fit your child’s needs and keep your strengths in mind. At Bridgeway Academy, we realize that the best home school program is easy to follow and provides everything you need for a full year of academics. Bridgeway is considered one of the best online high schools.

When you select either a Customized or Total Care package, you get a full year’s worth of curriculum expertly chosen for your child.

The Best Fit for Each Child.

We know that finding the best homeschool curriculum for your situation means so much more than just content. It’s about values and learning styles. It’s about schedules and interests.

And finding the right homeschool curriculum for you and your child means knowing each child’s strengths, needs, learning style, interests and goals.

That is why we start every student with in-depth assessments that help us to get to know where your child is academically and how they learn best.

From there, we work with you to discover the realities of your homeschool, your personality and your schedule.  These tools help us to design the best program for each of your children. And one that plays to your strengths as their primary teacher. We pick from the best of traditional homeschool, online, and secular curriculum to make sure you get the best academic program possible. One that will set up your entire family for homeschool success.

It’s homeschooling made simple.

With our Total Care package, not only do you get the best of the best curriculum, you also get daily instructor guides. These guides are chock full of resources, learning extensions, websites, reading lists, and more to help you make each course as engaging and fun as possible. And they include an optional daily schedule to keep you on track. This means you’re always in the know about what needs to be completed and about what grades to report.

We do the hard part for you because we know you need the freedom to be creative; you need the freedom to become a partner in your child’s education; you need the freedom to enjoy your child. Our customized approach, coupled with the expertise of your personal advisor, provides the best homeschool curriculum and program available anywhere. Remember that your advisor will be with you every step of the way with recommendations to meet your child’s specific needs.

For questions regarding how our homeschool curriculum can best meet your child’s needs, contact us at 800-863-1474.

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