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Total Care Elite

"I love checking in daily with my advisor. And the weekly tutoring sessions allow me to receive personal tutoring in any area that has given me trouble during the week and the opportunity to connect with other aspiring athletes." - Emma

The support you need to follow your dreams.

Total Care Elite for Middle and High School

When you choose Bridgeway’s Total Care Elite Virtual Academy, you are enrolling your child in a virtual school rather than selecting a homeschool program. With Bridgeway’s Elite Virtual Academy your child works directly with a teacher for each course who provides support, accountability and re-teaching as needed. No more worrying about all the details of your child’s education, no more assignments to grade, no more worry about courses you are not certain how to teach. We work with you every step of the way. From providing virtual instructors for every core course, to regular check-ins and on-demand tutoring, we have you covered.

Best of all, you get everything you need in one package:

  • Complete online curriculum
  • Regular check-ins to ensure your child is on track.
  • On-demand tutoring sessions to help learning stick.
  • Re-teaching of concepts when you need it.

In short, we provide an all-inclusive virtual academy aligned to support your child’s goals and dreams!

“The implementation of the new Elite structure has allowed my twins to become more responsible for their education. They are learning to be more accountable for understanding what is expected from them each day and developing a wonderful teacher-student relationship. Thank you Bridgeway for caring enough about the student-athletes to go the extra mile to ensure academic success now and in the future. We are extremely grateful!” -Gina

The Elite Virtual Academy is not a homeschool program; therefore, students are expected to meet the requirements and deadlines outlined by their teachers.

For a brief overview of what to expect, how the online platform works and brief guide to interacting with your instructors and mentor, click the video below.


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Looking for more support and tutoring but your child’s not an athlete? That’s ok!
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Elite athletes have to train hard and stay focused to reach their goals. Let Bridgeway help you make your educational goals a reality while you pursue your dreams in the gym. Download your free resources designed to coach you through balancing academics and athletics. We're as passionate about supporting homeschoolers as you are about gymnastics.

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