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Textbook Homeschooling

When you prefer the freedom of a wide open schedule and portable education.

Bridgeway InfoPack and Homeschool Hero Guide

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Textbook homeschooling options that include something for everyone

Although we call them textbook options, Bridgeway’s varied paper and pencil homeschool options include textbooks, work-texts, novels, historical fiction, a blend of textbook and online interactions, and hands-on activities that make learning come alive.

And no matter your choice, every course comes complete with our exclusive one-to-one instructor guides that make day-to-day decisions easy and include direct links to complementary online content, ideas for critical thinking, project-based assessments and opportunities for students to add their voice to what they are learning.

Explore Bridgeway’s Textbook Options

Customized Textbook Packages

Not sure where to start? Our customized program means you don’t have to. Instead, our expert advisors get to know you and your student and customize a curriculum package that fits.

Full Year Grade Level Kits

Designed to leverage the power and science of personalized learning, every grade level kit is tailored to the strengths of your student’s preferred learning style.

Individual Textbook Courses

Choose from popular homeschool titles. Each course includes all student materials and teacher guides as well as Bridgeway’s exclusive one-to-one instructor guides that allow students to work independently.

Discover! Kindergarten

Kindergarten should be fun, engaging and all about experiences. That’s why our kindergarten kit is filled with activities, books, and adventures that your students will love and instructor guides that make you a pro! 

Start your homeschooling adventure off well with a fantastic foundation for reading and math as well as fun activities for every subject. 

What you get with Bridgeway’s All-Inclusive Grade Level Kits

  • Everything you need for a full year of interaction and learning.
  • Innovative lessons and activities designed around your child’s specific learning style.
  • An easy-to-follow guide to make your job easy!

Select your grade level and explore our innovative, all-inclusive grade level kits.

What is Included in a Customized Homeschool Package?

  • A full assessment that helps us get to know your student. We uncover your student’s learning style, personality style, ideal learning environment as well as academic strengths and needs. 
  • A full-year homeschool curriculum package designed around the insights we gained from our assessments and conversations with you.
  • All student materials and necessary teacher’s guides.
  • Bridgeway’s exclusive one-to-one instructor guides that make the day-to-day easy and take learning beyond the page.
  • A membership in the Bridgeway Learning Center filled with additional online resources to complement every course.

Choose your grade level to learn more.

Self-Paced Courses for Independent Learners

  • Self-Paced textbook courses give you the freedom and flexibility to work on your own schedule, at your own pace, from anywhere.
  • Your student learns accountability, self-motivation, and independence.
  • Choose from hundreds of course options from the best publishers. There’s something for every interest and every learner!
  • You’ll receive all student materials and resources to help you with grading, staying on track, and more.
  • Also included are Bridgeway’s exclusive one-to-one instructor guides that make the day-to-day easy and take learning beyond the page.

Choose your grade level to learn more.

Some of our Academy’s Awards, Certifications, and Accreditations

  • SACS CASI Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement
  • Voted Top 100 Education Resources of 2020
  • Accredited Seal by the National Association of Private Schools
  • Mom’s Choice Awards
  • National Commission of Accreditation - NCA CASI
  • AdvancedED Accredited Seal by the NCA
  • National Beta School of Merit
  • All-in-One Homeschool Curriculum
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