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Online Summer School

"So glad we found you! We went from thinking Chris would be in a classroom all summer to having the freedom to go. And somehow you found the right way to help him finally get it.Thank-you!" Jennifer

Online Summer School – Learning and Exploration Year Round

Next fall, how will your kids answer the classic question “How did you spend your summer vacation?” Will they remember summer camp? A family road trip? Maybe a little learning? Especially in summer, school should fit around your life.

Bridgeway Academy offers flexible ways of learning with our traditional and  online summer school programs that are created so your children can strengthen their academic skills while still making fabulous summer memories. Homeschooling by course is a great way to gain those needed credits and stop summer brain drain!

Grades 1-5: Making learning fun.

Summer School: Textbook/Workbook Courses

Maybe you want to indulge your child’s obsession with science or history. Or maybe your student needs just a little more help in math or spelling. Whatever your reasoning, your child can learn from the comfort and convenience of home. Our homeschool correspondence textbook/workbook format is designed with you, the parent as instructor, as part of our homeschool-by-course summer school curriculum. (Relax! We make it easy for you!)

Ready to start? Learn more about our elementary summer school programs here.

Middle School (6-8): Just because school’s out, that doesn’t mean their brains have to go on vacation.

Textbook or Online Courses

Many students lose more than two months of knowledge over the summer. Our flexible and fun interactive summer school courses making summer learning enjoyable. Choose from either our engaging online and interactive courses coached by Bridgeway Academy Advisors, or a textbook/workbook combo.  It’s up to you.

Get started now. 

High School (9-12): Get a tan and get ahead.

Textbook or Online Courses

Why would your high schooler want to do summer school? Maybe your student wants to improve their grades for college. Or maybe a busy sports schedule makes it hard to carry a full load during the school year. Or perhaps your teenager needs a review before taking calculus. Bridgeway instructors are here to support students for every class through our homeschool by course Summer School program.  Learn more about summer school for high school students here.

College NOW! Why wait for college to attend college?

If your junior or senior is super motivated, our College Now! Dual Enrollment program gives them the chance to earn high school and college credits simultaneously. How cool is that? Many of our College Now! Dual Enrollment students graduate from high school with 15 units of college course work already completed. And some have even graduated with an Associates degree, without ever stepping foot on a campus.

Register now for online summer school for high school students here. You can purchase 1 course at a time!

Give us a call today at 800-863-1474 to learn more about our summer school and homeschool by course program.

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