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Elementary Online Homeschooling

Blended Elementary Homeschooling that Balances Textbook and Online

Bridgeway’s elementary blended homeschooling puts parents in the driver’s seat, providing all of the advantages of online homeschooling PLUS the proven benefits of pencil and paper activities to firm up learning.

Bridgeway Blended is an exciting homeschool experience where hands-on and online learning collide. The result: confident, excited, engaged learners. 

This is more than online homeschooling, this is more than textbooks—Bridgeway’s Blended Learning is the best of both worlds.

  • Engaged Learning– Explore learning through textbooks, hands-on materials, and online enhancements.
  • Ensure Success– Course designs include independent learning elements as well as exciting extended learning projects and activities. 
  • Instill Independence– High-quality content customized to meet the needs and learning styles of each student while encouraging independence, confidence, and ownership.

We purposefully developed our online elements to match the most widely utilized curriculum for elementary students.

Bridgeway’s Blended Learning has helped Jake become more independent–a skill I know he will carry through his lifetime. And it makes me more independent too by providing all kinds of tools to guide his learning and assessment. 

Every course includes access to the web-based components for math, science, language arts, and social studies. Content varies from online exercises to downloadable or textbook resources–all delivered in a user-friendly dashboard.

Click below to view a demo of the Blended Elementary School Program.

Why Choose Bridgeway’s Blended Elementary Program?

Our program is rich, deep, and flexible! Here’s why:

  1. Available anytime, anywhere. Your child can learn wherever you go, whenever he or she wants – making your homeschooling truly flexible. 
  2. Academically rigorous and personalized for your child’s unique needs because no two children are alike.
  3. It works well for every type of student, including those who are advanced or need other modifications.
  4. Includes both textbook and online components and requires responses in both formats.
  5. Designed to promote independence with easy navigation, voice-over interactives and more.
  6. Engaging and Interest Grabbing, to entice your child to delve deeper. 

Our Elementary Blended Learning program empowers your child to develop and pursue a lifelong love of learning.

Call 800-863-1474 now for more information or click here to enroll. 

Gain immediate access to resources, suggestions, and proven tools to boost your child's learning experience.

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