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Online Dual Enrollment

“Bridgeway Academy’s dual credit has advanced not only my college career, but has prepared me for future endeavors.” - Kari Peiscop-Grau

Get a jump start on college with Dual Enrollment.

Our ACE-approved Dual Enrollment courses are accepted at more than 1,800 colleges and universities and can give your students the edge they need to get into the college of their dreams.

What is Dual Enrollment?

Bridgeway’s College Now Online Dual Enrollment program is for high school juniors and seniors who want to get a jump start on college classes, save money and experience college-level academics. Students simultaneously receive fully accredited high school and college credit for every online dual enrollment course they take!

Why take Dual Enrollment Classes?

  • Dual Enrollment saves you money! Because your high school student will be earning credits for both high school and college, it will eliminate the need to pay for additional college tuition and living expenses in the future.
  • Dual Enrollment helps your student finish their college career even faster! We empower students to accelerate their pace, and this enables some Bridgeway graduates to finish high school with a year’s worth of completed college classes on their transcripts!
  • Dual Enrollment prepares your student for college level classes! With Dual Enrollment, your student is immersed in collegiate-level learning assignments, discussions and requirements, giving them experience in the rigorous studies and disciplines that college freshmen need.

“I am very thankful I took dual credit classes to prepare me for college. The classes I took gave me a sneak peak look into what college will be like. More people should take dual credit classes because you will be a step ahead before college even starts. I am very thankful Bridgeway Academy gave me the tools to prepare for college.” – Sarah Pope

How Dual Enrollment Works

Your student will work with their Academic Advisor to choose from over 60 courses, register for their online class, go over class schedules, and develop a plan for success in their dual enrollment course. Classes come in a variety of topics such as Bible, Literature, History, Science, Math, Management, Business and more. Best of all, your advisor will work with you to ensure that every course fits into your student’s high school and college credit requirements. Our semesters begin every few weeks throughout the school year.

During the class, your student will participate in discussions, work with a college professor and submit required coursework. Every student who meets all the class requirements and successfully passes the course will receive a transcript from Bridgeway Academy awarding high school credit and a transcript from either ACE or the partner college chosen to award college credits.

Online Dual Enrollment Courses

Bridgeway Academy offers many different online high school dual enrollment courses. Browse the list to learn more about each course, course description and required resources.

Click Here to See a List of Dual Enrollment Homeschool Courses

To register for Dual Enrollment Courses, click “Enroll Now” and “Browse Courses and Stand-alone Items,” then choose “College Now by Course” and proceed to the “Check Out.” Our Academic Advisor will work with you from this point on to finalize the process.  Or you can call 1-800-863-1474 to speak with an Admissions Representative who will help you begin the process.

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