Customized Homeschool Curriculum for Middle School

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A Full Year of Middle School Tailored Just for You

From Curriculum to Assessments, Your Customized Program Means The Perfect Fit.

Bridgeway’s customized curriculum package means you get the expertise that comes with 30 years of serving homeschooling families. We carefully search through publishers and curriculum, research their offerings, and evaluate them to ensure that every piece of curriculum you receive is the one that fits the way your child learns best. We strategically put together curriculum for your child based upon assessment results (learning style, environmental, personality, and academic), as well as our family interview. That way, we can fit the curriculum to your child, instead of your child to a curriculum.

Add our one-to-one instructor guides, online enhancements and activities, and customized evaluations — from basic tests to project-based learning and assessments — and you end up with a powerful customized homeschool program.

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Purchase your customized homeschool package today and let us take it from there. Our customized placement process guarantees that the curriculum will work for your child so you can rest easy knowing that you are in good hands.

Your Customized Homeschool Curriculum for Middle School Includes:

A Placement Test Like No Other.

We start by identifying your student’s learning style, personality style, ideal learning environment, academic strengths, academic needs, and future hopes and dreams.

Five Full-Year Customized Homeschool Courses.

Then, we hand-pick homeschool curriculum that includes all four major subjects and an elective (out of a selection to choose from) that add up to your student’s perfect year.

Access to Online Enhancements, Alternative Assessments, and the Bridgeway Learning Center.

Add engaging homeschool resources through your limited subscription to, and access all things homeschooling in the Bridgeway Learning Center.

All assessments, curriculum and instructor guides included for $1150/yr
Independent Study Money-Back Guarantee

Our 30-day money-back guarantee is available for all material provided material is returned in new condition. Live Online Classes have a 14-day money-back guarantee.

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Customized FAQs

The Customized package is a great resource for families who are not looking for accreditation and who want to homeschool on their own. It provides fully-customized curriculum based on each individual’s learning style and academic level.

No, the Customized package is designed for the homeschooler who prefers to homeschool independently or who is a member of a homeschool organization and does not include record-keeping or transcripts. However, this service can be added with the purchase of our Records and Support package!

No, by itself the Customized package is not accredited. However, you can purchase the Records and Support package to complement your Customized purchase and take advantage of accreditation, record-keeping, and year-round support. Not sure if you need accreditation? Visit our page explaining accreditation.

No, the Customized package does not constitute full enrollment. However, if you’d like full enrollment with Bridgeway, take a look at our Total Care packages under “Bridgeway Academy.” Total Care programs are customized just like our Customized package, but includes enrollment, accreditation, and more.

Great support and reliable guidance as our son navigates through high school with aspirations to attend college and participate in NCAA college sports.

Aiden Paterson Parent

“ I like the classes and having online learning instructors who share ideas. The lessons can be challenging, but with the help of my teacher, I understand the questions. ”

K. Pablo Student

“ After discovering Bridgeway, I would never choose any other option for school. My child is thriving academically and emotionally thanks to the one-on-one experience. ”

Dakota Hachimi Parent

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