"With Bridgeway’s Learning Labs, the convenience, interaction, and skills gained are unlike any I have experienced." Janine

Inspire Curiosity with Live Online Classes

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A Break for You, An Experience for Them.

Give your child the online class experience they want, while you enjoy the break you deserve– all at a price you can afford with Bridgeway’s Learning Labs.

Where interaction and innovation collide.

Get your student fully engaged in collaborative, interactive learning with online courses taught by live instructors. Our live, virtual classes give your child the experience they want combined with the topics and skills they need to thrive in the real world. 

These valuable interactions fuel critical thinking, healthy debate and challenging discussions that lead to growth and exploration of the subject matter like nothing else can. Enjoy Bridgeway’s quality online education opportunities that take subjects to the next level with:

  • Real-time instruction
  • Innovative virtual classroom features including virtual whiteboard technology, chat, and more
  • Hands-on projects to reinforce the lessons
  • Engagement with course instructor and peers

Live Online Learning Labs help students across the board. First and foremost, our unique program provides a personalized digital experience by catering to each child’s unique learning style. Your student will be thrilled by their ability work with the teacher to customize assignments. Best of all, these virtual classrooms make learning easier and instill a love of learning.

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Experience what Live Online Learning Labs can do for your child.

Over 85 academic online courses are available for students grades 1 through 12. Create a schedule that fits your family by choosing trimester (10 weeks), semester (15 weeks) and/or full year (30 weeks) online classes.

Long Term Benefits of Virtual Classrooms:

  • Expert Teaching. Students receive education from certified, dedicated teachers.
  • Independent Learning. Students experience the transition to accountability that increases with each grade level.
  • Real World Skills. Students collaborate and create in both virtual and authentic settings, giving real life applications to learning.
  • Preparation for the Future. Students build skills for their future college and career life.
  • Peace of Mind. Parents receive feedback about the independence and accountability of their child from a teacher.
  • Free Time. Student engagement time frees up parental time. Meaning, you get to enjoy a well-earned break.

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Here’s a place where visual, auditory and sensory-oriented learners all thrive, where creativity and project-oriented learning collide, and where learning is fun!

Need more information?  Call 800-863-1474 to speak with a homeschooling expert or view our Learning Lab Handbook online. Also be sure to check out our FAQ and Registration Info tabs located at the top of the page for quick answers to commonly asked questions.


Hear from our happy families…

“…the online Learning Labs on top of that, another super idea! Worth mentioning is that science (animal study) and fantastic literature are two of the main subjects [my daughter] is very passionate about. When I saw the Learning Labs with these themes, I felt like we hit the jackpot!”  ~ Raluca

“This class was such a blessing to our family this fall- my son is my notoriously challenging student, and his teacher was endlessly patient and understanding with his learning struggles… it was so nice to be able to take some of the pressure off of myself and let [the instructor] teach him… Read the full review at  Only Passionate Curiosity

“I really liked the quality of the instruction. The teacher was extremely professional. It was clearly evident that she has experience in the classroom and online teaching students…The classes were more than just sitting and watching a teacher lecture. She used interactive whiteboards, videos, colorful pictures, rubrics, PDF printouts which we printed out at home, and class discussions.”  ~ Tere

“My daughter was SO excited and impressed by yesterday’s class of Fantastic Literature! She couldn’t stop talking about it! She said it was the best class she’s ever had so far! The highlight was when they had the group project which she found awesome! She and another student she was in the Marine Biology class with, got paired up and made a really great team. These were the kind of interactive classes we were looking for. Thank you so much! ” ~ Sara


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