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At Bridgeway Academy we believe that every child has incredible potential. And when you design learning around that child, you open doors to an incredible future. That is why our 5 step process is so important-because our desire is to meet the needs of both you and your child!


Speak with a Bridgeway educational advisor


Take the Bridgeway learning style assessment


Determine your budget and review options


Design your personal curriculum program


Get inspired and start learning your way

- Cindy G. Belview, VA

"Bridgeway Academy was the best decision we ever made. My son has moved from a kid who hated school to one who is planning where he will go to college! Homeschooling has made all the difference and without Bridgeway I would never have taken that step."

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Speak to an Admissions Representative and discuss your learning options.

Your personal Admissions Representative will meet with you to discuss your needs, your hopes and your goals for the year. Because our programs are customized to you and your child, we take the time to get to know you and your budget so we can help determine the right fit. And our admissions representatives are Bridgeway experts so bring your most challenging homeschooling-questions-if we don't know the answer, we will find it for you!

- Amy H. (San Diego, CA)

"My Bridgeway admissions advisor took the time to listen to what my kids have been going through and then helped me figure out where to go from here. Her care and support were exactly what I needed."

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Purchase the homeschool program that best fits your needs.

After discussing your budget, academic needs, and homeschooling goals, your Admissions Representative will work with you to choose the perfect Bridgeway package. They'll explain exactly what you'll get with your purchase and walk you through the enrollment process. Our goal is to make it easy to begin one of the most rewarding journeys you will ever take!

- Mark P. Allentown, PA

"At Bridgeway the different levels of membership made it easy and affordable to make the right choice. With Total Care we get personal help when we need it and the Customized package made finding the right curriculum simple."

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Take Bridgeway's customized placement and learning assessments.

Bridgeway's customized learning plan is based on your child's unique learning style, needs, and goals. Your child will take math and language arts academic placement tests to ensure he is placed in the right courses. And our learning and personality style assessments not only give you better insight into how your child learns but also helps your academic advisor find the perfect fit for your child.

- Tim S. Austin, TX

"Data is my life so the learning style assessment was right up my alley! I was impressed with the results. Both of my kids ended up with courses that really did fit who they are. Now they are learning, having fun and doing great!"

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Meet with your personal advisor and begin a lifelong relationship

Your personal advisor will meet with you to go over your child's assessment results, discuss your goals and select a customized curriculum that best suits your individual child. And if you are a Bridgeway Support or Total Care family, this is just the beginning! Your advisor will walk with you every step of the way-from the moment you first connect to the day you watch your graduate cross the stage to accept that hard earned diploma.

- Sarah A. from Portland, Oregon (Grade 8)

"It's great to know that my Academic Advisor understands my challenges and is willing to help whenever I need her. It's like I have a whole new family that genuinely cares! It makes the experience at Bridgeway Academy really unique."

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Receive your curriculum, get inspired, and start your homeschooling journey!

Within 2 weeks you'll receive your child's curriculum and personalized instructor guides for each course. Your Bridgeway Academy Instructor guides make it easy to walk through your curriculum and even provide ample ideas to add fun, additional help or more in-depth learning to each course. You choose what to include and what to ignore based on what excites and inspires your child. And if you have any questions after reviewing your materials your personal advisor is ready to help. If you've selected our online program, your package includes our Bridgeway note-taking and study guides, designed to help your child develop note-taking and study skills that will carry on throughout high school and beyond.

Ready to Enroll? Get started today!

- Linda S. Edson, AB

"It is so nice to have the freedom to do what interests us. Knowing that the instructor guides outline everything for the year means I get to focus on the kids. As a former "do it yourselfer", you cannot imagine how freeing it is to know that we have everything we need and that Bridgeway is taking care of my records and requirements!"

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Online Middle School

"My son was not academically motivated in the public schools. Although he was very bright, he didn't apply himself to his studies. Once coming to Bridgeway, he became self-disciplined, motivated and his grades went up." Victoria

High tech homeschooling for a tech-loving generation.

Middle school students tend to thrive in the online homeschooling environment. And that’s really no surprise. After all, these kids were born right around the time when “dot com” became a household word. They’ve never experienced life without Google. It’s kind of wild when you really stop and think about that, isn’t it? Bridgeway’s online middle school, with it’s flexibility and engaging lessons, puts your middle-schooler on a launch pad headed for greatness.

Online homeschooling, a viable choice.

There are many benefits to online homeschooling for middle-schoolers, including the fact that:

  • You can choose a mix of textbook and online courses to fit your child’s needs.
  • Students have the opportunity to revisit lessons for review as often as needed. It really takes some unnecessary pressure off of them.
  • Quizzes and tests are also taken online and can be taken until the content is fully mastered.
  • Writing assignments are reviewed by certified academic advisors. Students use real feedback to improve their writing and grade by re-submitting assignments as many times as they need.
  • Students have the ability to work at their own pace and be as independent as they (or you) desire.

As an added bonus, every student enrolled in our online homeschooling programs receives printed study guides in the mail that help them understand the program content better and earn better grades.

Click here for tuition and plans for online middle school

Why We Use What We Use

Before we introduced online homeschooling solutions for middle school students at Bridgeway Academy, we did a lot of research. After looking far and wide and considering countless choices, we found the perfect online middle school program available. Why do we say that? Because it’s good. Really good! Here’s why:

  1. It can be accessed any time from anywhere, which means your child can learn wherever he or she goes, whenever he or she wants – something that aligns beautifully with our vision to make homeschool flexible.
  2. It’s academically rigorous and personalized for your child’s unique needs because no two kids are the same.
  3. It’s perfect for visual and auditory learners, who account for a whopping 70% of all learners!*
  4. It works really well for just about every type of student, including those who are advanced, those who are struggling to recover credits and grades, and those who are in need of ELL/ESL options.
  5. It’s won a lot of prestigious industry awards. And in this case, they are very well deserved.

Customized Online Homeschooling Solutions

A customized online middle school curriculum plan is what you’ll get with Bridgeway’s online middle school program.  So, what’s included? All of the courses your student needs to set them up for high school like math, science, language arts, social studies, electives and foreign language. We provide complete personal support, teacher feedback and assistance, exclusive study and note-taking guides that draw on how the brain works best … basically everything you could possible ask for and more!

Our online program powers your middle-schooler to pursue his or her passions and provides the accountability to stay focused and on task.

Have more questions? Call our office at 800-863-1474 for more information about online homeschooling options for middle schoolers. We’re here to help you navigate through your choices and help you find the perfect solution for your family.

* (Teaching Students to Read Through Their Individual Learning Styles, Marie Carbo, Rita Dunn, and Kenneth Dunn; Prentice-Hall, 1986, p.13.)

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