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Homeschooling Middle School

"Just wanted to let you know that everyone is so nice and helpful when we call. Our daughter is in the 8th grade and just loves your program and does so very well." Jeanne

Homeschooling Middle School

The In-between Years

Middle school. For a lot of kids, the middle school years can be rough. Your students need your love, support and guidance more than ever in these challenging years. Some children begin to struggle because they’re being challenged at a higher level. On the flip side, others have been eagerly anticipating this challenge.  Whichever camp you’re in, middle school is the time to really invest in your children both academically and relationally, and homeschooling with Bridgeway Academy lets you do just that. We focus on preparing your in-betweener for high school so that you can focus on encouraging and building character for life.

Our careful placement testing, which includes a look at academics, learning style, personality style and future plans, gives us the tools we need to find the right textbook approach for your child.

We customize from over 40 different publishers and approaches and include exclusive instructor’s guides that make keeping them on track easy. Allow them to work independently or use your guide to grab creative ideas for deeper learning, fun projects, website challenges or video enhancements. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

High School ahead!

The homeschooling middle school curriculum that gets them ready.

Bridgeway Academy works hard to prepare middle school students for high school. With our Bridgeway Total Care and Bridgeway Support packages, we keep close tabs on college entrance requirements, because the domino effect of education starts here.  The classes kids take in middle school prepare them for the classes they take in high school, which in turn opens doors for them to be accepted at the college of their choice.

We don’t attempt to align ourselves with the public school system – we stay ahead of it – by making sure all of our homeschooling middle school programs meet or exceed the highest standards.

Many students enter sixth grade testing beyond their grade level in one subject, while testing below grade level in another. With Bridgeway, that’s not a problem at all. We’re pros at customizing your child’s middle school experience in a way that prepares them to meet the rigors of high school, regardless of where they’re at right now.

Anxious about homeschooling your middle school student? Relax. You’re in good hands!

Many homeschool parents have concerns about teaching middle school. If you’re a little rusty in pre-algebra or phases of the moon, no need to worry! With the Bridgeway Academy Total Care System, you will never teach a unit alone.

We provide:

  1. An advisor to assist you in selecting from our many homeschooling middle school course options and curricula.
  2. Placement and learning style testing in each subject to assess your child’s exact comprehension level in core areas. Placement tests as well as interviews with the student, the parent and others help us understand each child’s learning style, interests, academic strengths and the possible gaps in his or her education.
  3. Customized Curricula: a tailored online school program designed from homeschooling middle school curriculum choices we’ve gathered, developed and organized over our two decades in this business. Choose from over 35 publishers to find your child’s perfect fit.
  4. Collaboration: an online community full of resources and support for academic and administrative issues.
  5. Consistent support from Academic Advisors: many of whom were once teachers or homeschool students themselves.
  6. Homeschool specific Instructor’s guides with schedules and easy to follow instructions
  7. Community: Facebook, live classes, contests, even student council so your student never feels alone.

In other words, we provide all of the materials, ideas, research and guidelines that allow you to have a middle school experience that is academically rigorous, powerful, enriching and rewarding. And even fun!

What if you don’t want Total Care?

Let’s face it – you might not want the total care, curriculum and support that a Bridgeway Total Care package includes. We understand. That’s why we have two other options designed to meet the needs of homeschoolers who want a little more independence.

Not looking for Total Care but need some help with curriculum?

Relax, we’ve got you covered. If you’re tired of playing curriculum roulette, or just don’t know where to begin but are not ready for a full-fledged homeschool partnership, Bridgeway is here for you. Our Bridgeway Customized package gives you all of the benefits of our one-of-a-kind curriculum customization without the full Bridgeway Academy membership.

And when we tailor your child’s homeschool curriculum, we set your child up for success and remove the guesswork from curriculum planning. Our thorough curriculum matching process includes learning style and personality assessments, placement tests and an expert curriculum advisor to help you find just the right fit for your student. Then, you’ll receive a full year’s curriculum, all five subjects, right on your doorstep. It’s your homeschool made simple solution. And, if something isn’t working, we’ll replace it within the first 30 days because setting your child up to soar is our business.

Already Have Your Curriculum but Need Support and Accreditation?

Bridgeway’s Support package is designed to take the worry out of homeschooling while allowing you to use the curriculum that you love. If you already have your curriculum in hand but love the idea of a fully supported and accredited homeschool having your back, you will love Bridgeway Support. You get all of the benefits of our unparalleled support using your own homeschool curriculum along with all of Bridgeway’s accreditation, ensuring that your child is ready for anything. Click here to learn more about Bridgeway Support.

Need some fast answers to specific questions? Call one of our friendly staff members at 800-863-1474 to discuss just how we make getting started in homeschooling easy. 

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