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"I just wanted you to know that Austin GOT ACCEPTED TO DICKINSON!!!!! :-) I can't thank you enough for all your hard work. I know he would not have gotten in if it wasn't for you ladies. He is so happy. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! :-)" Gery

Online High School classes that keep them focused, Learning that prepares them for the future.

High school is high stakes, which is why you want an online homeschool program that sets your student apart for their future. Bridgeway’s online high school homeschooling program offers you just that. With Bridgeway your child will enjoy their final years while learning the skills they need to be prepared for the next step.

With our online homeschool high school program, you get more than you bargained for!

  • More interesting homeschooling classes to choose from—up to seven a year!
  • More learning options—including remedial, honors, AP, and Dual Enrollment for college credit
  • More engaging lessons—that keep your learner focused
  • More support from certified, expert teachers—including a 4-year academic plan!
  • More individualization—unique classes and support for struggling or advanced learners
  • More feedback—instantly and at your fingertips

Online Schooling for High School Students

To set your student up for success, Bridgeway offers many High School opportunities for them to reach their fullest potential and prepare them for college. College prep, Honors, AP, Dual Enrollment, our course options ensure your teen gets the right course at the right level to ensure success. 

Are you ready to give your high schooler more in online learning? Call 800-863-1474 today!

Bridgeway Academy’s Online High School Program is considered one of the nation’s best.

Bridgeway Total Care

Check out Bridgeway’s Total Care Online High School program. With our most popular program, you can rest assured your child will get all they need, and more!

In just one package, your child gets:

  • A completely customized curriculum package tailored to each child. Learn More
  • Flexibility in education that you won’t find anywhere else! Learn More
  • Unlimited support from expert homeschool advisors with you every step of the way. Learn More
  • Community service activities and opportunities that make you feel more connected. Learn More

Bridgeway Total Care Elite

Want additional tutoring and one-on-one support? Our Elite program gives your student everything the Total Care package offers, plus:

  • Complete online high school curriculum
  • Regular check-ins to ensure your child is on track.
  • On-demand tutoring sessions to help learning stick.
  • Re-teaching of concepts when you need it.
  • Additional resources

Looking for Live Online High School Classes?

Look no further! Bridgeway Academy offers the best in Live Online High School Classes with passionate teachers and interactive learning unmatched by anyone else.

Live Online Classes means that your student receives:

  • Real-time instruction from expert teachers.
  • Opportunities to develop the independent learning strategies necessary for college success.
  • Real-world connections that put meaning behind their learning.
  • Projects designed to reinforce learning.
  • Engagement with course instructors and peers that takes learning farther.

Be sure to Check out our Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment course options.

Call 800.863.1474 today to learn MORE about our Online High School program.

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