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High School Homeschool

"You have an amazingly thorough, well instructed program that's clearly conducive of enthusiastic learning. I thank you in advance for your educational support for Kailey throughout High School." Karen

High School Homeschool Designed for You and Your Child

A careful balance of learning styles and future goals

Your high school child is almost ready to fly the nest. If the elementary and middle school years aim to discover and build a child’s inner strengths, the high school years start shaping those strengths for the demands of the real world. After all, the world desperately needs the unique and exciting talents each individual exhibits.

We at Bridgeway Academy are constantly amazed by the talents our students display. And, honestly, we are just as impressed with the precision and steady hands of the future electrician as we are by the critical thinking skills of our best mathematicians and the beautiful sculptures our artists turn out. Talents are talents, and our online high school homeschool aims to help each student understand the idea: “Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life.”

Your child’s curriculum should reflect and support their strengths and encourage their passions. And our customized curriculum planning helps you do just that.

In fact, that’s why we are so unique and well known. And with over 40 curriculum partners, you can rest assured that we have what you need.

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In addition, we design our fully accredited academic tracks to meet or exceed the requirements of those at top-level private and public schools. Our four academic tracks include:

  • Technical/Vocational
  • Academic
  • College prep
  • Honors

Facebook, Online Courses and More Keep High School Homeschool Social

While many students who choose high school homeschool programs do love learning, this is also the age where they crave interaction with peers. We provide that interaction through our Learning Labs where students get to interact with instructors and peers from all over the world. Each student is required to have a microphone and a headset in order to participate in class discussions. Students can even use the webcam on their laptops to see one another and chat!

Whoever is telling parents that high school homeschool is missing the social component hasn’t checked out Bridgeway Academy!

Bridgeway Academy has also set up several Facebook forums where all high school students who sign a no-bullying policy are free to interact with each other and with teachers. Students are welcome to connect and help each other via email, telephone, and Skype as well.

Independent learning for mature learners.

Many of our parents have been homeschooling since the elementary or middle school years. By high school, it’s time for a much-deserved lunch with friends! Our traditional high school homeschool online school programs offer courses that are self-teaching, explaining the material clearly and concisely in a step-by-step process. Most homeschool high school students thrive with this independent approach, especially when paired with our robust support from advisors and administrative staff.

Bridgeway Academy makes sure parents are supported as well.

Upon enrollment with our Total Care or our Support packages, all high school students receive:

  • Placement testing in each subject to assess your child’s exact comprehension level in core areas of each subject. Placement tests, as well as interviews with the student, the parent and others help us understand each child’s learning style, interests, academic strengths, future goals and the possible gaps in his or her education.
  • Curriculum Counseling to help you choose up to 7 courses from over 700 pieces of curriculum that match the perfect fit for your child.
  • Superior support and accountability that comes from working one-on-one with an expert advisor.
  • Transcript services where we send transcripts to all institutions as requested by the parent and student.
  • Career and college counseling so that your child reaches their goals beyond high school.

Trust the custom high school homeschool respected by colleges and universities nationwide.

But don’t college admissions officers view high school homeschool as less rigorous than traditional high school? Not the way we do it! Bridgeway Academy’s fully accredited high school homeschool programs aim to match or exceed the standards set by the nation’s top private and public high schools. And college admissions counselors know that.

In 2012 and many other years since Bridgeway’s inception, 100% of our high school graduates were admitted to their first-choice college or university. And those first choices have been pretty ambitious. Bridgeway Academy high school homeschool students have won admission to colleges and universities like Amherst, Boston University, Brown University, Penn State University, Syracuse University, Virginia Tech, Yale University and so many more that we would bore you by listing them all!  In fact, over 80% of Bridgeway students go on to college – more than double the national average. College and university admissions officers tell us they are thrilled to receive applications from Bridgeway Academy high school homeschool students.

Get a jump start on college with Dual Enrollment.

Bridgeway’s dual enrollment programs enable students to earn both high school and college credits. If your child is looking to finish high school early, our accelerated program enables your child to finish the requisite coursework and earn the diploma far ahead of a traditional schedule.

Success in the course also means college credit.

In other words, because of this unique approach to high school homeschool, the student does not have to take the same course in college.

Need some fast answers to specific questions? Call one of our friendly staff members at 800-863-1474 to discuss just how we make our partnering programs easy. Contact us via email, or click here and we’ll send you a free and informative Homeschool Information Packet.

If you’re interested in just observing us for a while, feel free to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. With our extensive level of customization, we can spark your child’s desire to succeed in high school homeschool!

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