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All-in-One Homeschool Curriculum Kits

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Full-Year Homeschool Kits

Your Perfect Homeschool Curriculum in One Easy-to-Use Package

Each kit for Grades 1-5 is designed to challenge and engage students in the way they need to learn. Your child will explore the best homeschool curriculum, games, projects, and more, that perfectly fit their learning style and grade level. Need customization in your kit? No problem! We make it easy to customize by subject, grade level and/or publisher. Click View & Buy Kits to see the customization options.

Day-to-Day Instructor Guides Make Your Job Easy

We make it easy to teach your child. You will know exactly what to do every day. Just pick up your guide and go! The guides also include hundreds of ideas for mixing up your day and appealing to your child’s learning style. And, we don’t stop there! Enjoy complementary online lessons where your child can explore new places, practice essential skills, or just explore learning further.

Top Benefits of Bridgeway’s Grade Level Kits

Easy to Use.

With fully-developed Instructor Guides for every course, you can move from planning and researching to enjoying and interacting with your child.

Built-in Variety.

From outdoor adventures to indoor hands-on activities to alternative assessments that allow you to escape the typical “test,” your kit has it all!

Bonus Materials.

Every kit includes games, lab kits, books, and more, designed to put the fun into your day and keep kids excited to learn more.

How do you learn? Experience our different learning styles.

Visual Learner

Visual learners are insightful and sensitive to the needs of others.

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Visual Learner

Most visual learners are global learners. This means that although they understand the solution, they likely struggle or get frustrated with the steps necessary to get there.They also tend to rely on the right hemisphere — the problem-solving part of the brain — and are charged and ready to go when the material is new and interesting, challenging or funny.They will have little motivation when things seem irrelevant or overly-simplistic.

Auditory Learning

Auditory learners are expressive and able to communicate well with others.

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Auditory Learning

Auditory learners tend to retain information more thoroughly when the information is reinforced through sound. They learn best through lectures, discussions, and listening to themselves process information. They tend to be left-hemispheric dominant and are, therefore, verbal, sequential, analytic, and time-oriented. They will have little motivation when new information begins with complex or abstract ideas.

Kinesthetic Learner

Kinesthetic learners are sensitive and very aware of feelings.

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Kinesthetic Learner

Kinesthetic learners are movers and shakers. Kinesthetic learners need their bodies to be in action in order to learn and master skills. Provide opportunities for them to touch, sort, build, take things apart, or simply move while learning. They connect well with learning that involves the emotions, imitation, role-playing, and field trips. They will have little motivation when they cannot see how learning connects to life.

Learn more about the importance of teaching to learning styles, and discover your child’s learning style here.

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Grade Level Kit FAQs

Yes, you will receive an instructor’s guide that includes pacing and extra learning activity suggestions for each subject.

Yes, our Grade Level Kits can be customized by grade level, subject, and publisher.

Yes! Simply purchase our Records and Support Package as an add-on and it will provide all of the accreditation, record-keeping, and support that you need for your Grade Level Kit.

Games, lab kits, books, and more!

Andy is doing well this year, it is a night and day difference from last year. Thank you for this program, you have given us hope that even with his dyslexia he will do well in life! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Parent 2nd Grade, HOPE Program

“ Informative. The whole site is full of information that is practical and useful too. What more can I ask for? ”

Thara Parent

“ I love Bridgeway. We tried another homeschool program but came right back to Bridgeway. We have been with them over 3 years.”

Doris Gillilan Parent

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