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Elementary Homeschool

""This program has been a pleasure. Anthony is a slower reader and the shorter stories have been less frustrating. The program assists in revealing weak areas and allows ways to strengthen them. Progress is being made without tears." Stacey

Your child is unique. So is their elementary homeschool education.

Complete customization, unlimited support, and the flexibility to do it your way. No, we never grow tired of saying it. Your child deserves a customized home school curriculum that will meet their academic level and their  learning style. And because homeschooling is a team sport, we also know that it makes your job so much easier by giving you that kind of support whenever you need it.

Bridgeway Total Care System:
Private elementary school for one

Many homeschool parents wrestle with the fear that they won’t succeed as teachers, that their young children won’t excel. With a Bridgeway Total Care Package, you don’t have to share these worries. We supply the advisors, administrative staff, curriculum, guidelines, testing and more to ensure you never tackle the tough challenges (lessons, paperwork, district compliance) alone.

What do you get with a Bridgeway Total Care Package?

It all begins with Bridgeway’s thorough placement testing in each subject. Our learning style and personality assessments, combined with our academic placement testing, help to identify your child’s exact comprehension levels in core areas. Placement tests, as well as interviews with the student, the parent and others help us understand each child’s learning style, interests, academic strengths and the possible gaps in his or her education.

Then, your personal advisor will work with you to get to know your child’s past experiences, testing, future goals and your desires. Please feel free to take advantage of our advisors’ years of experience helping other families just like you!

Using this information, we pull from scores of curriculum choices we’ve gathered, developed and organized over our two decades of working with homeschooling families. We’ve chosen materials not only from top schools and universities, but from resources that focus on specific issues like teaching students with learning disabilities, autism, sensory needs, gifted abilities, and even scheduling issues due to performance or athletic demands.

Always here for you!

And still, we don’t drop you! Not when you’re just getting rolling. Your personal academic advisor walks with you all year long. Our caring, enthusiastic academic advisors are teachers and former homeschool students who understand both the challenges and the rewards of homeschooling. This extra help ensures your success as a teacher, and your student’s grasp of each concept.

Finally, Bridgeway even orchestrates the testing necessary to meet state requirements. Our handy reminders and on-site testing facilities ensure you stay within your state’s educational laws.

Homeschool instructor’s guides included

Wouldn’t it be great if everything in life came with an instructor’s manual?

Your instructor’s guide offers easy-to-follow instructions on what to complete every day in your elementary homeschool. Project alerts will keep you on track. And we know you’ll appreciate the tips and ideas that make homeschooling even more customized and engaging.

Bridgeway Academy provides all of this peace of mind, accredited curriculum, support, testing and placement services at a fraction of the cost of a private school. Educators nationwide recognize it as one of the most affordable educational programs for parents wanting to provide an elementary homeschool program.

What if you don’t want Total Care?

Let’s face it, you might not want the total care, curriculum and support that a Bridgeway Total Care package includes. We understand. That’s why we have two other options designed to meet the needs of homeschoolers who want a little more independence.

Bridgeway Customized

When you just want the right curriculum without extra support, records and accreditation

If you’re not looking for the full support of our Total Care program but are tired of playing curriculum roulette, or just don’t know where to begin, Bridgeway is here for you. Our Bridgeway Customized package sets your child up for success and removes the guesswork from curriculum planning.

Our thorough curriculum matching process includes learning style and personality assessments, placement tests, and an expert curriculum advisor to help you find just the right fit for your student. Then, you’ll receive a full year’s curriculum, all five subjects, right on your doorstep. It’s your homeschool-made-simple solution! And, if something isn’t working, we’ll replace it within the first 30 days. Because setting your child up to soar is our business.  Click here to learn more about Bridgeway Customized.

Bridgeway Support

Already Have Your Curriculum but Need Support and Accreditation?

Bridgeway’s Support package is designed to do just that.  We work with families who already know the curriculum they want to use, but need that extra support and peace of mind that partnering with an accredited homeschool program brings.  You get all of the benefits of our unparalleled support using your own homeschool curriculum. Click here to learn more about Bridgeway Support.

We are honored to partner with you.

Need some fast answers to specific questions on our elementary homeschool program? Call one of our friendly staff members at 800-863-1474 to discuss just how we make our partnering programs easy. Please follow this link to our Homeschooling Programs page for additional information, or go here to start homeschooling today.

Contact us via email for our free and informative homeschool information packet, or click here.
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