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Bridgeway Academy Homeschooling Questions

Bridgeway Academy Homeschooling Questions

If you have homeschooling questions – especially questions about Bridgeway Academy homeschool programs – then you have found the right place. This is our list of most frequently asked questions about homeschooling and Bridgeway Academy.  If at any time you need additional assistance, please do not hesitate to call us. We welcome your questions and would be delighted to assist you. 

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Is Bridgeway Academy accredited?

Yes! We are accredited regionally through NCA CASI, nationally through NAPS (National Association of Private Schools) and also  internationally through AdvancEd. We are also a recognized diploma-granting institution in the state of Pennsylvania.

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Does Bridgeway Academy give me the freedom to make my own schedule?

Yes!  At Bridgeway Academy we recognize that homeschoolers choose homeschooling because they want to structure the best education for their child. And sometimes that means a flexible schedule that allows kids to pursue their personal excellence. Whether you are looking for a flexible school year or a flexible school day, your advisor will work with you to structure a program that works.

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Can my student receive credit for the extracurricular activities in which they are involved? (sports, ballet, music, drama, etc.)

Absolutely! Extracurricular activities enrich their learning experience. Your child will be awarded half credit for 60 to 90 hours of logged extracurricular activity, or a full credit for 120 to 180 hours of logged extracurricular activity. But first, you need to fill out and submit a course approval form to our office to alert your personal advisor. In some cases, your homeschool instructor or the director of the activity can send in a letter verifying your child’s involvement and issue a grade that can be included on the transcript.

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Does Bridgeway Academy provide support throughout the school year or am I on my own?

Yes!  And our families tell us that our support is head and shoulders above the support they received from any other program.  That’s why our families stay with Bridgeway.  Because our support goes beyond fabulous resources, easy-to-follow procedures and homeschool-friendly guides.  Our unparalleled support includes a personal advisor – your own go-to person for all things homeschooling – a community of homeschoolers through our Facebook page, and our how-to videos, tips and strategies to help you become the best homeschooling parent you can be!  We succeed only when you succeed.  And we take that quite seriously.

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Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes!  We offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all tuition fees.  If the enrollment is canceled within 30 days of shipping/online enrollment, any tuition fees paid will be refunded in full, provided the curriculum is returned to Bridgeway in unused condition. If any materials are used or unreturned, the cost of these items will be deducted from the refund. Sorry, tuition fees for any Dual Enrollment courses are non-refundable after 10 days from the date of enrollment.

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Will a Bridgeway Academy diploma be accepted by colleges and universities?

Yes! Bridgeway Academy is a fully accredited homeschool organization. We are so very, very proud that our students have been accepted into some of the finest colleges and universities all across the United States and around the world. In fact, 100% of our 2012 graduates applying to college or university were accepted to their first choice! And many of our homeschool graduates are also granted scholarships. See! The hard work pays off in more ways that one! Find out more information about our accredited transcripts.

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Where have Bridgeway Academy graduates gone after graduation?

Our students have been accepted at a large variety of outstanding colleges and universities including:

Amherst College • Arizona State University • Bloomsburg University • Boston College • Brown University • Carnegie Mellon University • Daemen College • Dartmouth College • DeSales University • Drexel University • Duquesne University • East Stroudsburg University • George Washington University • Georgetown University • Gettysburg College • Houghton College • Indiana University of PA • James Madison University • Lafayette College • Lehigh University • Liberty University • Mansfield University • Messiah College • Millersville University • Moravian College • Muhlenberg College • New York University • Penn State University • Purdue University • Rochester Institute of Technology • Roosevelt University • Rutgers University • Shippensburg University • Southwestern Adventist University • St. Joseph’s University • Stanford University • Swarthmore College • Syracuse University • Temple University • Ursinus College • Villanova University • Virginia Tech •  West Chester University • West Virginia University • Wilkes University • Yale University • York College • University of Scranton • University of Connecticut

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Is there a teacher to help my student with his school work?

We understand you may be nervous about serving as your child’s primary instructor. But remember, you are their best teacher and have been successfully teaching them since Day One. Our Bridgeway Total Care package comes with Academic Advisors, certified teachers who support you throughout the year. Providing tips about grading, teaching, and making learning fun are just a few of the ways Bridgeway supports you. For those who want more support, our Bridgeway Total Care Online package includes automated grading support and feedback from our online instructors.

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How does my homeschooler earn a credit for science labs?

We love labs because that’s when academic concepts spring to life. You can purchase science labs that include all of the equipment, supplies and lab manuals needed. Students will earn a ½ credit science lab that corresponds to their science course for the school year. You can order labs for every type of science: biology, physical science, chemistry, and physics. Commended as “preparing homeschoolers for success in college-level science courses,” the Bridgeway Science labs are a key component to any college-bound homeschooler, especially those entering the science or medical field.

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How do I know if my child is on track?

We keep consistent watch on your student’s progress. At the beginning of each year, your advisor will review the expectations for you and your child for the upcoming school year. If your child is in high school, your personal advisor will also map out an academic projection for graduation that outlines what you can expect from the time you enroll through graduation. We also track your homeschooler’s success through built-in testing and evaluation. If your child is meeting the minimum requirements and you are following the instructor’s guides, you should be able to easily determine if he or she is on track for the school year.

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Does my child need to take the standardized testing?

That really depends what state you live in. Some states require testing every year, others less often. You can find the requirements of your state here.

Your child will take our placement test upon enrollment, at the end of the first semester, and again at the end of the school year. Parents and older students tend to appreciate this as it helps you understand what has been learned while also serving as a measurement of achievement for your school district.

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Why the classics? 

We are big fans of the classics! Every year, students are required to complete four classic literature book reports as part of their English program. High school students complete a formal book report. Elementary students may write a book report or create a project based on the book.

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My child doesn’t need to take any Bible courses. Why is Successful Living required?

All high school students must take a Bible course before graduation. Successful Living is our most popular Bible course offering. It focuses on wisdom principles and applies to all areas of life. It has long been a favorite of parents who appreciate the careful instruction of their student as they consider independence and wise choices in career, money, budgets, goal-setting and success. Should you desire, your child may opt to take Bible 9, 10, 11, or 12, or select from Life of Christ, Old Testament History, and New Testament History in workbook format.  Another powerful Apologetics course is delivered online and is an option for students at the high school level.

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Do you make students take exit exams?

No. They don’t have to take an exit exam, but we do aim for every student to maintain a mastery score of 80% or higher. And we track their success throughout the year. High school students must simply meet the graduation requirements outlined upon enrollment. Once all necessary credits are earned, your child will receive a fully accredited high school diploma that’s recognized around the world.

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Does the cost of tuition include the registration fee?

No. Registration fees are separate from the cost of your tuition package.

Registration fees are:

  • Pre-K through 8th grade students: $145
  • 9th through 11th grade students: $195
  • 12th Grade first-time BWA students: $240

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Does registration have to be paid every year?

Yes it does. However, we often offer early re-enrollment specials for our valued families every spring.

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Is there a discount for multiple students?

Yes! Bridgeway Academy offers a 10% discount on tuition packages for each additional student enrolled in a full enrollment package. Discount applies to the lowest priced package and does not apply to per course fees.

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Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, we’re pleased to award scholarships to active duty military and full-time missionaries. These scholarships are determined and awarded based on need and do require specific paperwork to be filed.

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Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. We offer you the opportunity to spread your payments between two semesters, or over the course of seven months. With monthly payments, a down payment of $500 is due upon enrollment and the remaining tuition balance is broken up into a 6 payment schedule with due dates based upon your enrollment date. A $1195 down payment is required for all Bridgeway HOPE packages.

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Are registration fees refundable?

Registration fees are non-refundable and must accompany all new and re-enrollment applications.

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How long is a registration fee valid?

Initial registration fee is valid only for two months (60 days) from day of enrollment. All registered students who fail to return the proper enrollment paperwork and completed placement tests and/or provide their previous school records within this specified time will be put on academic hold for up to 30 days.

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What is the refund policy for changed packages?

A refund of fees due to change in tuition package is possible only if the change in package is done within the 30-day enrollment period. After the 30-day period, no refund will be processed. If the a student moves to a higher tuition package, the difference in package fees is due in full within 30 days of the change.

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Will you refund shipping fees paid or incurred when we return the curriculum?

Shipping costs are non-refundable.

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Do I have to pay tuition every year I am enrolled?

Tuition fees are incurred every school year/grade level enrolled per student.

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Am I obligated to pay the rest of the tuition if I withdraw in the middle of the year?

If at the end of the first semester a student decides to withdraw, no tuition will be refunded. If a student transfers to another school (either during the semester or end of the year), academic records will be released only after all financial obligations have been settled with the finance office. Because your tuition payment includes the cost of the materials, instructor’s guides, and other resources, there are no tuition refunds for students transferring to another school. If a student withdraws during the duration of the monthly payment plan, you are still responsible to pay the balance in full up to the date of withdrawal. Student records will not be released until the financial obligations are met.

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Can I rollover the tuition payment from one school year to the next?

We’re sorry, we cannot roll over tuition from one grade/year to the next.

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Are there processing fees involved if I choose to pay my tuition in payments?

Yes, there is a processing fee charged for payment plans. A processing fee of $15 per payment will be applicable when enrolling in the two or seven month payment plan. The processing fee is included in the monthly installment amount.

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Do the online courses include textbooks?

Yes!  Your online course will include a study and note-taking guide designed to help your student record the information needed to succeed on quizzes, tests, upcoming papers or projects.  These guides are also designed to help your child develop the listening and note-taking skills necessary for success at the college level.   Please note, worksheets and practice for math courses are online and must be printed as needed. Parents have access to answer keys.

For the online Dual Enrollment program, you are responsible to purchase the textbooks. This can be done through the college bookstore site accessed directly through your online course website.

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Can I turn my work in online?

Yes!  Isn’t it wonderful to be in the digital age! You can submit your writing assignments online and they will be graded by an online instructor. In addition, you can take tests online and submit special projects through our online portal.  This means you keep all originals and save on mailing costs while also getting faster responses from your instructors and advisors!

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How much writing is required for your online program and how do I submit writing assignments?

All writing assignments are completed online. English and History do include rigorous writing assignments. You can expect up to four per week in English (20% of the grade) and approximately one per week in History (10% of the final grade).  Writing assignments are submitted online and graded by an online instructor.

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What if my online student fails a test or a writing assignment?

Students are given three opportunities to retake each quiz or test. Only the highest grade is counted toward their final grade.  If a student fails a writing assignment, the assignment can be corrected and resubmitted as many times as needed. Only the highest grade is counted.

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Is the online high school a Bible-based curriculum?

Our Bridgeway Academy online program is not a Bible-based program. Instead, it focuses on skill-building and interactive technology to keep students interested and engaged.

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What is the difference between Honors and AP Courses?

We get this question a lot. Honors courses provide more academic rigor and demonstrate to college admissions officers your willingness to challenge yourself. In addition, when you do well in an honors course, you let college admissions officers know how you will perform in a college-level course.

AP Courses also provide more academic rigor and demonstrate not only your ability to handle college-level courses, but your willingness to take on a challenge. But AP Courses go further than that. These courses are tied to a standard curriculum that is designed to prepare students to take a comprehensive final exam.

Interested in AP and Honors? Check out how we help advanced students soar!

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Does Bridgeway align to common core?

Due to our belief that every student is unique and learns at their own pace, we do not implement or assess students based on any common core standards. However, since we adopt programs that are also widely used by the public schools, the alignment to Common Core will exist. Companies are making the alignment to Common Core to appeal to the schools. In many cases, the content is not changed, but the alignment is available for ease in utilization by the schools required to meet the standards set by Common Core. In actuality, some of the publishers we are currently using were written before Common Core even existed, yet there is a notable alignment to the Common Core standards presented on the publisher’s website.

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What are the shipping charges?

For domestic shipments, the shipping fee is $35. For international shipments, the initial shipping fee is $250, and an additional fee may be taken after shipment as applicable.

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Do you have more questions about homeschooling? Please call to speak with us 800.863.1474.

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