Your Perfect Homeschool Curriculum in One Package!

Your child is unique, curious, and one of a kind. Shouldn’t your homeschooling experience be as remarkable and captivating as your child? That’s what happens when you combine learning style with the best homeschool curriculum on the market. 

Each kit for grades K-5 is designed to challenge and engage your child’s strengths in the way he needs to learn.  Your child will explore the best homeschool curriculum, games, projects, and more that perfectly fit their learning style and grade level. 

The results? Learning and growth that goes beyond your expectations and allows your child to shine. 

Your Total Curriculum Package for Grades K-5 includes:

  • A FREE Learning Style Assessment so you find the perfect match for your learner.
  • A FULL year of the best homeschool curriculum in all core subjects including math, science, social studies, and language arts.
  • ALL pacing, grading, and teacher’s materials.
  • Bonus materials that put the fun into your day– games, lab kits, books, and more!

Our Grade Level Kits make your homeschool year easier than ever with clear pacing, grading, and extras that take learning off the page and into the real world.

Every course includes one of Bridgeway’s Exclusive Instructor Guides that makes personalized homeschooling easy.

  • We make it easy to know exactly what to do every day. Just pick up your books and go!
  • Get excited about learning! Your child will experience new places, learn more, or practice essential skills with exciting online lessons.
  • Need a new approach? Hundreds of additional ideas for mixing it up and appealing to your child’s learning style.
  • Tests not your thing? Take advantage of Alternative Assessments to more meaningfully evaluate learning and mastery. 

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