Accredited Homeschool by Course

The Bridgeway Academy homeschool by course option allows you to access the flexibility you need from an accredited institution, one course at a time.

Whether it’s a traditional or online course, your course includes a teacher of record who will handle necessary grading and course specific questions as well as the delivery of your official report card upon completion.

Below is a list of courses available to be purchased individually. Please note that courses are available in textbook/correspondence format or fully online.

Other important notes:

  1. When purchasing by course, you will receive all the benefits of an enrolled student in Bridgeway Academy, including the support of an academic advisor to help you throughout each course.
  2. An annual registration fee will be applied for each student. Registration fees are always non-refundable.

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Bridgeway’s Refer-a-Friend Program

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Interactive Online Learning

Get excited about learning with these one-of-a-kind, Bridgeway exclusive courses.

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