Bridgeway Academy and BJU Press

We recognize that, as a homeschool parent, you want the best quality academic resources available to help your student thrive. We also know that you want to assure all the hard work your children invest does not go unrecognized. That is why Bridgeway Academy has formed a partnership with BJU Press, allowing families to use BJU Press curriculum and Bridgeway’s Support Package at a discounted rate to ensure your child is ready for the future.

When you choose BJU Press, you commit to a curriculum that teaches your children how to excel academically while giving them a Christian worldview. Your children work hard every day, but sometimes you need a little more support or want to ensure your children graduate with an accredited diploma. That is where Bridgeway Academy comes in. For over 25 years, Bridgeway Academy has helped more than 25,000 students from around the world enjoy the rewards of homeschooling with accreditation and a flexible schedule.

homeschool information pack learning style assessment

Download and get the help you need and the right fit for you and your child.