You Can Homeschool

Total Care Homeschool Transition (Grades 1 to 5)

Don’t Lose Valuable Foundations

The Coronavirus has interrupted our lives and our schools. But you don’t have to lose momentum. Bridgeway’s crisis plan allows your students to start in a place that makes sense for them and finish the year strong.

We are with You Every Step of the Way

With Bridgeway Academy, you are not alone. From the start, we help set you up for homeschool success. And we make it easy to know exactly what to do every day.

Pair our unmatched support with trustworthy accreditation and you have the choice to enjoy the rewards of homeschooling long term or transfer back into school when you are ready.

Select Textbook or a Blend of Textbook and Online and we will walk you through from there.

Total Care Homeschool Transition Blended Program includes:

  • A Textbook Foundation

    Top quality textbooks and activities give your child easy portability and pencil/paper practice.

  • Online Engagement

    Students love engaging with our online characters who provide additional online adventures, humor and instruction to make learning fun.

Payment Option

Total Care Homeschool Transition Textbook Program includes:

  • Top-Quality Textbooks

    Colorful and engaging textbooks give students freedom and flexibility to work at their own pace.

  • Easy-to-Follow Parent Guides

    Bridgeway’s exclusive instructor guides mean that you know exactly what to do every day.

Payment Option

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