Pre-K Program for Homeschoolers

Bridgeway’s Preschool Program includes everything you need for a year’s worth of homeschooling materials for preschoolers.

Develop a Love of Learning at a Young Age

Preschool program with 32 weeks of exploratory learning activities aligned with learning and personality styles.

Flexible learning path based upon each student’s needs, interests, and schedule.

Incorporates activities from seven key learning areas in accordance with research-based, early childhood standards.

Introducing the Discover! Pre-K kit, a homeschool program designed to meet kids where they are, spark and encourage curiosity, and help preschoolers thrive in this extraordinary stage of brain growth. It’s aligned with learning standards, giving you everything you need for the year.

Start Your Child on a Path to Learning Success

The Discover! Pre-K program is designed to excite young learners and encourage curiosity, exploration, and discovery. Our preschool program contains activities centered around weekly themes and aligns with research-based, early childhood standards for learning and development. Active learning prompts facilitate cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development, preparing students for their next learning program.

A Program Packed with Resources

The Discover! Pre-K program is a preschool homeschool package divided into weekly themes, helping your student build on prior knowledge and discover new things. A letter of the week is introduced and reinforced in weekly activities. Each day you’ll have a choice of five activities to complete. You can complete one, or all, of them! We suggest choosing the activity that aligns best with your student’s interests.

The free program is delivered as a downloadable PDF broken into 32 weeks of activities. Printable course resources are available as well as select resources from Elephango – an educational resource website designed to enhance personalized learning. 

Upgrade to Premium Kit for $299, a Value of $500

Upgrade to the premium program for only $299 and receive additional learning opportunities as well as materials and supplies that add even more interaction for your student. Included with the course:

  • Printed Pre-K Program Guide
  • Elephango One-Year Family Membership (up to 4 students!)
  • Alphabet Cards
  • Pattern Blocks
  • Magnetic Letters
  • ABCs of Movement Flashcards
  • Journal
  • 8 Picture Books

Gain access to our free preschool program or upgrade to our premium kit and start the learning adventure!

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Questions about our Pre-K kit?

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