20 Questions You Should Ask

"It has been a pleasure working with you for the past several years. Your staff has been concerned, helpful and professional in all ways. Homeschooling has been a challenge for our family and the satisfaction has been great." William, Beverly and Ryan

Looking for the perfect homeschool program?

Here are the 20 questions you must ask when choosing a homeschool program.

About Homeschool Accreditation

Are you accredited?

Let’s face it, accreditation means peace of mind and an open door to the future. You want a homeschool program that is fully accredited and recognized worldwide.

Bridgeway Academy is recognized as a diploma granting institution by the Pennsylvania State Department of Education and accredited by The Southern States Association of Colleges and Schools, The National Association of Private Schools, and AdvancED. This guarantees a quality accredited education no matter where you live in the U.S. or abroad.

About Teaching and Learning

Do you recognize that each student has a different learning style & What do you do about it?

Bridgeway has developed a unique learning and personality style assessment that gives you insight into how your child learns best. Your results allow us to tailor curriculum to your child’s unique strengths and challenges. This is what makes learning fun and keeps kids excited about what is next!

Whether you decide to use Bridgeway Academy or not, be sure to take our Learning Style Assessment now and get the valuable insight you need before making curriculum decisions for your child.

Do you recognize that each child has a unique testing style?

When a school or homeschool program funnels a child into one set way for testing and assessment, they often set them up for discouragement and despair.

And that can lead to a child who believes s/he is “dumb” or “stupid”. They miss their own incredible gifts because their test results begin to define them.

That’s why we work with each parent to determine the best way to test or assess their child. We also adjust expectations and help parents coach their child to overcome their fears and find a way to demonstrate just what they know.

Do you embrace different teaching styles?

Different parents prefer different levels of involvement with their child’s education, particularly as the child gets older. Whether you want to be highly engaged or hands-off, we adjust our approach to best suit your distinct needs and desires. Our courses are self-instructional and come with detailed teacher guides and answer keys.

What teaching support materials are available?

All too often a homeschool program simply provides textbooks and teacher’s guides designed for the classroom.

At Bridgeway, we recognize that a good education is more than just learning facts and memorizing formulas. That’s why we have created Homeschool Instructor’s Guides for every course. Your Instructor’s Guide provides day by day pacing, notes to parents and all kinds of ideas to take learning further. From websites, to interactive activities to hands on projects and critical thinking activities, we’ve done the planning for you.

Do you assign a curriculum based on grade/age level or by academic strengths and weaknesses?

Your child is literally one of a kind, which is why we conduct in-depth placement testing to see where s/he excels and where s/he may need some extra help. One child may excel in multiplication, but perform poorly in division. Another may have a sixth grade reading level but a third grade math level. Therefore, rather than just place a child in a specific grade level, we cater each program to address and build those weaknesses and allow kids to take their strengths even further.

In other words, we individualize each curriculum plan to the specific needs of each child–something many other cyber and homeschool academies are simply not equipped to do.

Do you offer specialized academic tracks to further tailor a child’s homeschool education?

Bridgeway Academy offers the following academic tracks: technical/vocational, academic, college preparatory, honors and Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment (college) courses. These tracks serve to recognize your child s unique goals and dreams.

Do you offer dual enrollment for high school students so they can earn high school and college credits at the same time?

When you have a child who is excelling academically, you want to provide plenty of opportunities for him/her to keep moving forward. At Bridgeway, we believe your child’s motivation to learn and excel should be rewarded. That is why we offer dual enrollment and accelerated learning options to help them get ahead and stay ahead.

Do you have a proven and measured success rate of students going to college?

Nationally accredited Bridgeway Academy has partnered with homeschooling parents and their children for nearly two decades, and our success is measurable. 82% of our students have gone on to college–that’s more than three times the national average giving you the peace of mind that you are preparing your child for a successful future.

About Freedom and Flexibility in Homeschooling

Are you flexible with your scheduling and requirements?

Your family has unique scheduling needs. Bridgeway empowers you to create flexible daily goals that enable your child to learn at a time and a pace that make the most sense given the realities of your life. By enabling you to determine the months and days that your child receives instruction, we empower you to create a truly customized school year.

In addition, you have the freedom and flexibility to determine what subjects you focus on each day. Why? Because sometimes children need more time in a particular subject in order to fully master a skill or concept. With Bridgeway, your children can cut back work in their stronger subjects until they have mastered the area of difficulty.

Do you provide flexibility in course selection?

When kids can pursue subjects that interest them, they are much more motivated to learn.

That’s why Bridgeway partners with over 40 different publishers to provide you with more choices and more control over what courses your child takes–especially at the high school level. And your child can choose from a wide variety of electives for all age levels. And if we don’t have the special interest you are looking for, you are free to provide your own electives and submit them to us for record keeping.

About Homeschool Support & Parent Involvement

What level of academic support is available for homeschooling parents and children?

Our caring, enthusiastic academic advisors are teachers and former homeschoolers who understand the challenges and rewards of homeschooling. They are available by email and phone to answer questions on any subject and provide you with tips and techniques to better explain concepts to your child. Our resource-rich members-only website and online tutorials round out an environment of support that empowers you to give your child the best possible education.

Do you allow parents to have a say in the choice of curriculum?

Absolutely! Nothing goes out to a student without your consent. All too often a homeschool academy is created to support one specific publisher, giving you little to no choice about what you receive. But with Bridgeway Academy, you have a partner that has no bias or financial agenda towards one particular curriculum. And because we select the best educational components from top curriculum publishers around the country, you and your advisor can create a truly customized course of study for each child. Every publisher, every course, every plan has just one goal in mind–homeschooling success for both you and your child.

Do you take into account each family’s unique goals and situation?

Once placement testing is complete, Bridgeway engages the parent in a candid, in-depth conversation about your children’s personality, learning style and interests as well as your own long-term goals and aspirations for their education. And because each family has unique scheduling challenges, we help you set flexible daily goals balancing educational progress against the realities of everyday life.

What kind of record keeping and transcript services are available?

You want to be sure that what you do at home is recognized outside. Whether you are using a homeschool textbook or online course, designing your own courses or are involved in a homeschool co-op, you need records that reflect your hard work.

At Bridgeway Academy, we take care of the records for you:

  • We manage report cards and transcripts for everything you do
  • We provide state-required standardized testing services as needed.
  • We work with your school district to ensure that all the proper and necessary paperwork is being handled to ensure your child is getting the deserved credit for his or her hard work.
  • We provide fully accredited transcripts that make transferring to a different school or on to college easy

About Homeschool Curriculum

Do you offer a challenging, enriching curriculum?

All good curriculum draws material from a wide breadth of sources, improves written and oral communication, and teaches students to analyze and interpret information. At Bridgeway, we choose from the top curricula available, regularly evaluate new options and provide you with the choice to develop your own electives if you wish.

Do you offer both secular and Bible based homeschool curriculum?

Every family is different, and it is important that homeschooling providers provide a range of curricula based on each family’s specific goals and needs. In addition to our secular curriculum, Bridgeway offers curriculum that fully integrates Biblical principles throughout the core subject areas and others that present a Biblical world and life view but teaches Bible as a separate course.

Do you offer electives to supplement the core curriculum?

One of the greatest benefits of homeschooling is the ability to allow students to pursue their interests, gifts and abilities.You want a program that makes that possible.

At Bridgeway, we offer electives in music, art, foreign languages and more. Not only that, we’re open to your suggestions for electives. Let us know what elective you want to teach, and we’ll provide guidelines to help ensure your child gets the deserved academic credit.

Other Services and Hidden Fees

Are there any hidden fees?

Unlike many of our competitors, there are no hidden costs at Bridgeway. All of our support services including curriculum counseling, progress reports, record keeping, resource lists and lesson plans are included as part of your tuition in any Total Care or Support package.

Do you assist parents in complying with the homeschooling laws of individual states?

In our more than 25 years of operation, we have served students from every state and around the world. As a result, knowing and helping parents meet the homeschool requirements within their own state is just one of the many things we believe are essential to providing the best homeschool program available. That’s why Bridgeway Academy works with you to ensure that you meet your state’s homeschool requirements. Check out your State Home School Laws.

Still have more questions?

Call us today at 800-863-1474. We’re ready and excited to answer your questions.

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