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New Homeschoolers

" Your program has been indispensable to us in our first year of homeschooling. It gives me the structure I need plus the flexibility to be creative and try new things. " Susan

Help for New Homeschoolers

Fresh Starts Are Possible.

If you’re considering homeschooling programs for the first time, you may feel a lot like the new kid in class on the first day of school. And you’ve probably got a lot of questions. And if you are like most families, a lot of people questioning your decision to homeschool.

That is why a homeschool partner is so important.

We’re here for you and will help you through the transition. One step at a time — just like we’ve done for countless other families for more than 25 years. Click here for our Step-By-Step Guide to Homeschooling.

Why Homeschool?

Homeschooling has been around for a long time, but it has become more popular than ever. Why? The many motivations for homeschooling all lead back to one conclusion: it works, and it works well.

  • Because when your child becomes the center of their education, they reach new heights.
  • Because when you remove obstacles to learning like large class sizes, teaching to the test, and bullying, learning becomes easier and even fun again.
  • Because sending your child away for 8 hours a day means less family time and more negative influence.
  • Because you know them best, you should be the one making the big decisions about their education.

In fact, as you continue your research into homeschooling, we think you’ll be surprised to find just how successful, satisfied and impressive homeschoolers are these days. And don’t be surprised if you want to join them.

Because homeschoolers perform better, have higher graduation rates, and are more satisfied than their peers. Who wouldn’t want that for their child?

If you’re considering homeschooling for the first time, check out this infographic to see first hand just how successful homeschooling students are today.

The Bridgeway Homeschool Experience- Unlike Any Other

If you’ve been searching for homeschool programs, you know there are many from which to choose. But no other homeschool academy comes even close to offering the level of customization, flexibility and support that you’ll find at Bridgeway.

With our Total Care homeschool program, you get the best:

  • In-depth placement tests that assess skill levels in core areas so you know exactly where your child is before you begin.
  • A credentialed teacher, otherwise known as your Academic Advisor. Your Advisor will work with you throughout the year.
  • Hand-picked curriculum based on your child’s unique learning style, academic level and goals. We work with over 700 pieces of curriculum so you get the best the market has to offer.
  • Transcript management and grading services specifically designed for homeschooling programs
  • Collaboration through Live Online Classes, an online resource community, Facebook and more.
  • An accredited diploma
  • And much, much more.

You’re the most important person in your child’s life, and we are here to help you be the best homeschool parent you can be. Remember, you taught your children how to walk and talk and use a fork to eat. You’ve taught your children far more than you actually realize.

You can do this.

And we’re here to help.

Have questions that you want answered pronto? Call one of our Admissions Representatives for assistance at 800.863.1474. Or, request a free homeschool info pack here if you’d like to read more.

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