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International Homeschooling

"Thank you for putting up with our "overly" concerned parenting! And thank you again for accommodating us so well! It has been a new adventure that we look forward to continuing for a good long time! " Heather

Homeschooling around the world

Living outside of the United States and need a homeschool partner? You’re in the right place. No matter where you live, Bridgeway is committed to working with your student through our international homeschooling programs. And you’ll receive the same benefits that families stateside receive, outstanding service, customized learning programs, and accreditation you can count on.

Because you can learn from wherever you are.

Families who are living abroad are looking for a better way to educate their children with international homeschooling opportunities. If you have access to the Internet, you have all of Bridgeway’s resources at your fingertips. If you live in a more remote region and can receive mail, you can take advantage of our textbook correspondence program under our international homeschooling program.

We work with you to ensure that no matter the location, your child gets the education they need.

And, if you’re just looking for accreditation to back up your independent homeschooling efforts, our Bridgeway Support package is the perfect fit.

Go to school when the locals do.

You have the flexibility to create your own academic year with Bridgeway’s Total Care package, plus the comfort of knowing that your accredited homeschool partner is always by your side! So if your host country is celebrating a multi-day festival, your children can take part. After all, being exposed to new cultures is a priceless experience. So go ahead, choose the months and days your child receives instruction under your own international homeschooling program. That’s the benefit of a customized school year.

Harness the power of the Internet.

Under Bridgeway Academy’s international homeschooling program, students also have the opportunity to complete all of their studies online using interactive lessons and regular correspondence with their instructors through our online homeschooling program. Or, you can choose traditional textbooks with Bridgeway Total Care. Either way, we’ll provide you with the curriculum and resources you need to make this your best year yet, regardless of geography.

Call one of our friendly staff members at 800-863-1474 to discuss details about our International Homeschooling programs. Or, request your free and informative homeschool Information Packet hereNeed more info? Find us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

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